Rage Sure Looked Nice

Rage Sure Looked Nice

I never could get all that excited about Rage (this was at least partly due to that terrible name), but I did appreciate how good it often looked. Especially those nice, oddly bulbous character models — not everyone liked them, but I did.

Duncan Harris at Dead End Thrills has spent some time putting together some high-res screenshots of the game, capturing those endearingly goofy character designs and those skies that seem to go on forever.

Plenty more over at Dead End Thrills.


  • The start of the game is fantastic, solid shooter, decent first couple of towns with unique characters. Then it turned into a rush to get to the end. I still have fun while playing it though and although it may not be played at max settings on my PC it still looks great. It be great if Bethseda use the id Tech 5 engine for the next Fallout rather than a suped up version of a decades old Gambryo engine, but I fear this won’t be the case. If they actually want the shooting within the game to feel like shooting though then that would be the best thing to do imo

  • The character models look fantastic, more like people rather than weird roided beings.

  • I really enjoyed Rage. The Wingstick is still one of the most satisfying weapons I’ve ever used in a game.

    The whole “mega texture pop in debacle”? I think I noticed it like twice during the whole game? I’m not saying it didn’t happen far more often than that (As countless YouTube videos will show), but it definitely wasn’t a big issue for my play through (Xbox 360, all disc’s installed for the sake of discussion).

    • I’m pretty sure most of the debacle was related to the PC version, which did have it’s fair share of technical issues on release. That being said, I’m fairly certain they fixed them quite quickly and the initial issues were probably a little overblown to begin with.

      I got on it several months after it came out on PC and had no issues whatsoever. The game does look amazing too, especially on PC with the settings tweaked up a bit. As an actual game, it wasn’t too bad either – not amazing, but not bad.

  • I too can say I really liked Rage. I agree that it looked great. But an anti-climactic finale, a terrible ending and the tedious re-use of areas by traversing them in reverse for different missions left me happy to have played, but not wanting to go back. Now I know what it’s like to have sex with me.

  • I only got half way through before losing interest, but really loved it at the start.

  • I actually really liked RAGE – great FPS with good AI. The engine is good from afar, far from good in my opinion – but it did look decent and run at 60fps easily. I hate the whole loading/pop-in of the mega-textures (which is even worse in Wolfenstein), if they got that down – then it would be pretty solid. I’ll go back an play RAGE again, shame there probably wont be a RAGE 2.

  • I recently re-installed Rage on my PC after a video card upgrade (GTX 780). The 3gb of video memory allow me to play Rage with 16k textures. As a result my jaw was on the floor a lot. It is a very beautiful game. Fallout 4 using this engine would be sweet!

  • I played through Rage 3 or 4 times. I loved it. One of my favorite games from that year. Right up with Deus EX.

  • I actually liked RAGE. Beautiful game, awesome vehicle segments, and the shooting segments weren’t bad. Took a while to save, and was occasionally a bit repetitive, but nothing beats the satisfying ‘thunk’ of watching a wingstick fly through the air and decapitate a hapless mutant/bandit.

  • I played for a few hours, it wasn’t bad but something felt off about it.

    I don’t know whether to replay again or wait until I next upgrade my PC. Although I have done that since it game out.

  • I loved RAGE … quite frankly didn’t understand what people complained about. It was also optimised a LOT better than Wolfenstein New Order. I have 2 GTX670’s, but because of the nature of ID Tech 5 not being able to utilise SLI, I am reduced to using just one card … and on max settings with RAGE (but with texture detail setting to OFF) one GTX670 only ever gets used at an average of around 50% (and runs flawlessly). Wolfenstein on the other hand – I needed to drop settings to medium and force vsync and triple buffering through the drivers just to maintain 60 fps. If triple buffering is turned off then frames will sometimes drop to 40’s even when the GPU and CPU (2600K) aren’t being taxed anywhere near 100%. It’s quite annoying and I am still holding out for a patch before I start a second play through.

  • I really tried to get into this game. I brought it during a Steam sale last year. Started off great but like many, lost interest part way through. In many ways it felt like a stunted version of Fallout 3. Still it looked fantastic compared to other games out around the same time.

  • I clocked this game when it first came out but I have literally no memory of it. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about it – it’s almost as if the game uninstalled itself out my mind when I ejected the disc…

  • People can rag on it as much as they like, Rage is one of my favourite games. I never had any texture pop or tearing, I love the world, the environment and the characters and enemies. In its heart its an iD game. Console commands can make it even better, turning sprint time off and putting run speed up, it can play like a more traditional iD game.

  • The game however could have been even better. Bethesda however pushed them hard and made them release it early with threats of legal action for not providing content

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