Reminder: You Can Totally Dodge The Blue Shell In Mario Kart

Reminder: You Can Totally Dodge The Blue Shell In Mario Kart

Heck, thanks to the new video editor in Mario Kart 8, you can even dodge blue shells with extreme style now.

See this epic moment captured by Thomas Puttick?

That could be you. He’s using the good ‘ol “boost right before the blue shell hits you” trick, which has been available in a number of previous Mario Karts. You only have a few moments to pull the manoeuvre off, so the timing is tricky, but it’s definitely worth learning how to do if you want to stay in first place.

Here’s a tutorial by AbdallahSmash026 on how to avoid the blue shell with the mushroom — but it’s not the only item you can use to do it. You can also use a super horn, which is a new thing unique to Mario Kart 8. And unlike the mushroom, you’re actually likely to get the super horn while you’re in first place.

Mastering this technique means you’ll be able to have lots of slo-mo badass moments like the ones in this video by Rodriguezjr:

Happy dodging!


  • And unlike the mushroom, you’re actually likely to get the super horn while you’re in first place.

    Still extremely rare though unfortunately. Of all the games I’ve played I think I can count the number of times I’ve got the super horn while in first place on one hand.

  • But…in that video they weren’t dodging the shell. It still hit them. They were exploiting something that happens just as you boost. Dodging implies evasion.

  • That’s handy to know. Dodging blue shells in Mario Kart DS was incredibly hard to do, at least it was for me. Basically you had to get yourself into a power slide and at the precise moment the blue shell hits, press jump. I managed to pull it off every once in a while but always felt like a fluke.

    • You can with the youtube video editor, I found the result had this weird glitchy looking effect though. I ended up ripping my video off youtube with a video downloader tool, using the slowmo feature in windows movie maker and reuploading it. Bit of messing around though.

  • I know I’ve asked before, but as a new WiiU owner, I only have MK8 and ZombieU.
    What games are recommended to pickup for the WiiU?
    I’d love to see an article about the best games for the WiiU in each category along with a bit of a write-up.

    • You can’t go too wrong with any 1st party Nintendo game if you were already a fan. Pikmin 3, Super Mario 3D World, Windwaker. Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze is fun but not easy. I’m sure there are others.

    • Pikmin 3. Don’t go past it.
      Rayman legends. Beautiful platformer, so alive.
      Black flag is great fun if you haven’t played it on anything else.
      Wind Waker HD, also if you haven’t played it before. One of the great Zelda games.

    • Wonderful 101 is also a must-get. My absolute favourite game on the system, took the crown from Pikmin.

      Also despite all the naysayers burnt out with NSMB fatigue, I thought NSMBU was really good. NSLU too. Oh, I always keep forgetting Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze! Mario 3D World is really good as well. Other than that, Darren’s got it pretty well covered I think.

  • That was a crap tutorial. Just saying “there are a few frames there where you can use it” is not any kind of tutorial at all, especially when it seems like the object in question isn’t even on-screen when you’re saying it.

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