The 5 Games I'm Most Looking Forward To Post-E3

Last year was all about the hardware, but E3 2014 has seen a laser sharp focus on the games themselves. As a jaded, cynical old man with a soggy lump of pus for a heart, I wasn't expecting to be excited by anything coming out of E3 this year, but I was wrong. I was very, very wrong. These are the five games I can't wait to play post-E3.

No Man's Sky

Amidst the frolicking and general excitement, I've detected a slight layer of cynicism with regards to No Man's Sky: what do you do in this game? What is it all about? How could something like this be made by a small team of four people. Their last video game was Joe Danger for christ's sake.

I understand this, but what if? What if they've developed a procedural generation system that can do all these incredible things? What if?

What if this game delivers?

Minecraft was made by one man, essentially. No Man's Sky could be made by four.

I want this game to be everything I hope it could be. Even if it's a simple exploration game, that would be enough, I think. Here's something I've been thinking about a lot: what has the potential to inspire a greater sense of wonder? Something beautiful that is procedurally generated or something designed? I'd argue there's will be something unique and beautiful about discovering something that wasn't created and designed to inspire wonder. There's something more sincere about that.

I think, more than anything, that's what excites me about No Man's Sky.


The New Zelda Is Open-World, Looks Absolutely Incredible

Zelda requires reinvention. I think we all realise that. The series hasn't fully committed to change since Wind Waker and I think there's a growing sense of agitation from all angles: from the fans, from Nintendo, from Eiji Aonuma himself. The time is right for Zelda to become new again.

Aonuma introduced the new Zelda at this morning Nintendo Direct and the right words were said. He referred to the heart of the original Zelda, the ability to go in all different directions and genuinely explore something alien. He pointed to the mountains: you can go here, from multiple different directions. The puzzle begins when the game starts: where will you go?

As someone who has recently fallen in love with Dark Souls, and found himself increasingly disenchanted with Zelda, these were the words I needed to hear.

Zelda looks glorious. For the first time in as long as I can remember, this is a Zelda that looks modern. It's a Zelda that looks to push boundaries. I thought I was done playing Zelda games that could do that, that could push things forward. It looks like I might be wrong.

This might the Zelda we been waiting for.

Halo: Master Chief Collection

I was almost embarrassed. By all accounts Microsoft had a great E3 showing, so many beautiful games were shown, so many interesting new titles.

The game that got me most excited was a pre-packaged set of HD remakes. What the hell is wrong with me? Have I really gotten that old?

But the Halo: Master Chief Collection is more than a cash grab, it's something new. It contains such a phenomenal amount of content — multiplayer maps, missions, everything — that it's almost overwhelming. It's so overwhelming that 343 Industries are creating playlists to allow you to manage mission and multiplayer play across four massive titles. The example used when I spoke to Frank O'Connor from 343 was warthog missions: there will be a playlist that allows you to only play warthog missions. Same goes for multiplayer. You could be in a party and switch seamlessly between the multiplayer of different games — it's up to you.

What we're getting is essentially the ultimate Halo package, and I think that's pretty exciting. It's just a powerful comprehensive piece of software that caters to those who have loved Halo in the past. I think that's great.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

I can remember being excited by video games at E3. I can remember feeling disappointed. I can remember being angry at certain aspects of a presentation, but I have never, ever been close to shedding tears during a bloody video game trailer in the middle of a bloody E3 conference.

Friends. Valiant Hearts came pretty close.

Maybe it's the World War I setting, which is close to my heart, maybe it's the art style. Maybe it was just the writing, who knows. But there appears to be something special about Valiant Hearts and I can't wait to experience it.

World War I was perhaps the most brutal human conflict in history, but its complex beginnings, and the nature of the war itself has made it a difficult sell, particularly for video games, which tend to be one dimensional in their story telling, particularly where guns are involved. Valiant Hearts is just such an original looking video game. It is ambitious. I have faith in it.


I don't even know enough about this video game to even write a single coherent sentence about it. I don't even know why I'm so excited about it.

Is it because I loved Limbo, which was pretty close to being a perfect game.

Probably. Who the hell knows. My instincts from seeing the game in motion is that Inside will be spectacular.

That's it.

Honorable Mentions

Bloodborne The only reason this isn't on the list is because no actual gameplay was shown. This is a Miyazaki game. Dark Souls is my favourite game of last generation. There's no way this can be bad. No way.

Assassin's Creed: Unity I have issues with the co-op component, but watching that massive, massive crowd storm the palace was incredible. Watching the seamless way Assassin's Creed: Unity flowed from side mission to main mission and back again was inspiring. I love Assassin's Creed. I hope this is one of the better ones.


    But the Halo: Master Chief Collection is more than a cash grab

    Uhhhhh you're gonna have to try harder to change my suspicion that it's anything but.

    It’s just a powerful comprehensive piece of software that caters to those who have loved Halo in the past.

    I love Halo, I think I've made that pretty clear by now. Even stopped playing games in the last month to work on a Halo related project (my Premier Pro trial expired). This collection only has 1 game that I'm interested in, and I already own the Anniversary edition of it. The other 3 games are what I consider to be the weakest Halo games (with 4 being a huge middle finger to everything I love).

    Even so, if I was forced to play the game I would be interested in playing 1 and 2 multiplayer to confirm my claism that the Magnum and BR are broken and overpowered. Despite hating Halo 4 I would like to play the multiplayer of it. If dedicated servers exist, WITH Australian servers that I can select, then that means I will finally be able to play Halo 4 multiplayer and see what all the fuss is about.

    ...provided there are Australian servers. I wouldn't be surprised if we all have to play in Singapore.

    No Mans Sky seems great and Mortal Kombat 10 looks like they're saying F U to the complacent fans (remember kids, nothing kills a franchise faster then complacency).

    I kinda wish we had more Star Fox to look at though.

      The other 3 games are what I consider to be the weakest Halo games

      That just seems like a very negative way of saying combat evolved is your favourite halo game...

      I'm stoked to be able to play Halo 3 mutiplayer again on the current gen. It's something I want really bad to happen with COD:MW2. I'd love CoD to do a similar thing with the 3 Modern Warfare's.

      Rebooting any game could be considered a cash grab, hell even making a game could be considered a cash grab, but if people buy it, enjoy it for the new experience it offers, then why be negative?

        you dont actually want to play cod:mw2 again...
        all the other cods after it are more or less the same, and cod:mw2 isnt exactly outdated either. its just gotten old and boring. when it came out, just like cod 4 did, it sort of revolutionised cod. it was different to the others.

        it was fun, but not anymore
        i think what you really want is something to play that was as fun as mw2 was back in the day.

          I would play the shit out of MW2 and have a number of friends who would do the same. If only for the private matches, quickscoping on Rust. That is probably my greatest gaming experience of all time.

    Intriguing tale male sibling, requires more fire breathing mythical creatures :)

    Star Fox would be incredibly epic :) Nintendo just needs to remake every franchise in 1080p 60 frames and I'll buy any of them cough Fzero cough...

    What about Grim Fandango???

      Nice announcement, but I played that game already!

        Wait, you're excited over the Halo franchise despite played them all, but Grim Fandango isn't worth your time because you've played it? :P

          I suppose with GF, most of the game is with the story, dialogue and puzzles, which don't bear repetition as well as combat-focused games like the Halo series. I hesitate to say that adventure games are not replayable, but I don't think many people would argue that they are more replayable than games with more variation in moment-to-moment gameplay such as Halo or Civilization.

        thats fair enough i suppose.... im hoping for a bit more than a HD remake though to be honest...

        resolution, models, and backgrounds are a given, but im hoping for a bit more... im expecting an extended story for starters....

    I think I am most excited for Grim Fandango over pretty much everything else. That was hands down my favourite announcement.

    I can definitely see myself getting pretty much every console from the new gen over the next year or so for upcoming games though, as there is a lot of potential heading our way.

    Last edited 11/06/14 2:28 pm

      I told my wife about grim and she said "you were all about that game when we first met"!

      Such a classic game! Awesome ending too.

    1. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    2. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    3. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    4. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    5. Dragon Age: Inquisition

    No Man's Sky. From the commentary of everyone starting on a separate planet and then going into space all I could think of was Spore, except this is focused more on the end product of space and interaction with other players rather than starting out your own unique species.

    Bloodborne, I'm assuming it'll be Dark Souls-esque gameplay which would be good.

    Zelda looks like what Zelda should have been for along time now. Full on exploration. No doubt there'll be the purists complaining that they're trying to do a Skyrim now, but that's what the last couple of generations of games have come to. Open worlds with a large amount of freedom.

    I'm getting more excited by Destiny the more I see of it. Fingers crossed I get an alpha key on Friday.

    Doom. I knew it was coming, but after playing Wolfenstein I've got my hopes up high that Doom will be the fast paced action in new HD gloss that Doom 3 just failed to deliver imo

    Metal Gear Solid. Seems like they're trying to take the interactive movie style that MGS has followed for 15 years now to even bigger heights. I'm ok with that

    So Far for me the games i most look forward too is - Doom - Been waiting for this for years now, Quakecons have gone by with nothing but disppointment even though id said they would show something (QC 2012 iirc).

    GTA V PC, i have been waiting for this since the games announcement back in 2011. Think of the mods! The game maxed out last gen consoles and you still got the feeling that it still needed more horsepower. Hopefully 1080p at 60fps, i hope my GTX 680 is up too it.

    Far Cry 4 looks awesome, i really enjoyed FC3 and Blood Dragon. Even though i haven't got around to finish FC3 i still like it.

    No Mans Sky, Yeah it looks fecking awesome but looking awesome and being awesome are two totally different things. I do not own a PS4 (yet) and if the game is awesome as looks then i might save up the dosh and buy one, hell i bought a Wii U for Mario Kart 8.

    The Talos Principal. Im not interested in this game is much as i wonder if Croteam will later reveal it was a elaborate hoax and the game is really Serious Sam 4.

    Lastly bringing up the rear, The Crew. I understand it does have singleplayer but i hope the game is more like Need For Speed with the Autolog system of if you want to go online it's there but you don't have to if you don't want to.

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    Admittedly it only had a small bit to play in E3 with a new monster reveal and xbox exclusive beta, but surely Evolve is in the top 5 most anticipated games for this year, "post E3".

    I tells you what. That Mortal Kombat X looks like a helluva good time.

    GTA V on Xbone
    Halo collection
    Crackdown 3

    Destiny would have been top of my list, but my hype for it has plummeted.

    EDIT: I should clarify I don't own a (gaming) PC/Wii U/PS4. More and more tempted to get a 3DS though.

    Last edited 11/06/14 4:12 pm

    I hope Rainbow Six Siege will be worth it. If they pull it off it could be amazing. if not, well, video game Hell it is...

    I'm actually excited to play all the halo's on my #Xbone. I'm keen for all the games on your list. I really wonder what Nintendo have been doing though, like Zelda is a 2015 title and for how little they showed, it must still have a ways to go. I was actually hoping for more of a 'realistic' Zelda look (not that I hate the art design that was shown).

    I like the fun look of Sunset Overdrive, I think Dragon Age looks amazing. Like you Mark, we didn't see any game-play of Bloodborne - but I didn't need to, it will be great.

    GtaV on the PC (fingers crossed for a good port) will be good. Crackdown will hopefully be good, but again, not enough footage. AC: Unity does look good, but I'm really down on Ubisoft at the moment (I know they aren't the devs) - but maybe considering this is just a new-gen title, it will finally progress the game. Although I was reading a thread on NeoGaf about an interview with one of the devs, and they are removing the haystacks from the world, so you can't just jump off the top of buildings - they are incorporating climbing down into the game....not sure how to feel about that. It takes long enough to get up buildings, now they same amount of time to get down??

    Actually really enjoying the BF: Hardline Beta, looking for to that. Shadows of Mordor looks really good, I just hope it doesn't get too repetitive. Evolve looks good, but again, I'm hoping it doesn't get too repetitive.

    Far Cry 4's new engine looks good - but 2 and 3 I think sort of drag on, taking encampments and having a north and south island is pretty crap. I'd prefer to have smaller worlds with more interesting things to do in them - sure big open spaces are great, but if you fill them with repetitive content, then I find that pointless.

    Kinda of went of track there - but I can't say I was blown away by anything at E3. I don't know whether that's because if with this 'new-gen' of consoles, we have still be stuck in the past - with no real progression or innovation. Hell, even the games being released haven't been amazing graphically. I can't wait to truly dump 'last-gen' - which will hopefully make PC gaming better as a whole.

    There's a big difference between ubisoft at e3 and the release, case in point watchdogs. Take it with a grain of salt

    No Mans Sky
    Mortal Kombat X
    BF: Hardline

    GTA V PC
    Ass Unit

    No Man's Sky
    Rainbow Six
    The Witcher 3

    See the Halo collection kind of killed it for me - even though I love Crackdown - I've played the second one exhaustively, I've played every Halo on the 360 - I don't need more Halo - I was hoping for some big Rare franchise to be unveiled - instead we got Phantom Dust?? A game I've never heard of and maybe a handful of people asked for.

    Strip away Sunset Overdrive and Quantum Break and you have the same old Halo/Forza/Fable (I've only tried Fable III but based on that these games shouldn't even be made because that was boring)

    The five games That have impressed me so far are

    No Mans Sky: just a seemingly impossible game

    Battlefield Hardline: BF4 was to similar to BF3 for my taste so I skipped it - but this (swapping tanks for vans and cars and tasers!) is the ticket

    Far Cry 4: this has always been a series on the edge for me, and although 3 looked interesting I skipped it because I'd bought a tonne of other shooters that year... Then Blood Dragon came out and game me a taste for the game so I will be jumping in on number 4!

    Splatoon: I haven't played Titanfall. But everyone craps on about how that game nails 'traversal' well Nintendo (of all companies) seems to have come up with a way to completely reinvent shooters - I do not have a WiiU but this is the most tempting proposition for that console yet and I don't think people are fully realising - this is a new Nintendo IP - this is what it looks like! I know the lack of Metroid or F-Zero is a disappointment but IMO Nintendo is doing some amazing things this year (with the exception of Kirby, there was just a Kirby game on the 3DS FFS - I know the president is ex-HAL but they need to give Kirby a fucking rest! captain Toad on the other hand... That looked cool!)

    The Crew: with the exception of that Sonic All-stars game I haven't bought a racing game in years thanks to GTA. Well The Crew looks like it takes that thing that's good about driving in GTA (the realistic environments) and multiplies that by 100! Your open-world map is the fucking USA!!! That is not possible on my 360 so this us one of the first games that to me seems undisputedly 'next-gen'!

    I'm reserving judgement on Zelda until we see more of it. The "new" and "radical" changes to Zelda in recent titles really haven't been that new or radical in the great scheme of things. Fun yes, but not ground breaking. It's going to take something pretty special to restore it to glory.

    I have hope, but the lingering stench of the mundane Skyward Sword still festers on my soul...

    All I know is that I'll be spending a fortune on games over 2014-2015. So many games that I must have.

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