The Human Body Has Trouble Gaming For 90+ Hours, It Seems

The Human Body Has Trouble Gaming For 90+ Hours, It Seems

Neal "Koibu" Erickson once played video games for 90 hours straight. Since that obviously wasn't enough, he recently tried to game for 120 hours straight.

Some would call this endurance, others would call it madness. Erickson calls it progress. "I feel like if I'm not doing things that are better, or more challenging, I'm not really making progress," he told The Daily Dot.

In front of a Twitch audience of thousands, Erickson's attempt - which was punctuated by not just game streaming but panel discussions and rounds of truth-or-dare - ultimately fell short, as he passed out around 85 hours in.

The Human Body Has Trouble Gaming For 90+ Hours, It Seems

If that somehow sounds "disappointing" to you, try and stay awake for 85 hours at all, let alone do it gaming in front of a crowd.

Video game iron man attempts 120-hour streaming marathon [The Daily Dot]


    And I as pleased to have spent that much time in Fallout - over a few months!

    I'd somehow need to get a week off work first. =P

    And, you know, not suffer from narcolepsy.

    I've managed 48 or so without too much difficulty but asking me for more than 60 would be something I would need to practice a few times first and prepare in advance for.

    Lucky bastard got to sleep it off after the 4 days. Ask any parent, 120 hours without sleep is nothing.

      Yeah at least you get small periods of sleep, 5 minutes, an hour maybe if you're lucky. This guy was power-nap-less.

    I'm sure any doctor would tell him that's a bad idea. Those sorts of time frames leave him at a strong risk of deep vein thrombosis and other diseases caused by a lack of motion or sleep. The linked article did say he made some preparations for the sleep side of this, but no mention is made of DVT.

      Yeah that's what I'd be concerned with, the health effects of just sitting for so long.

    Back in the day (Before being married with 3 kids) about 24 hours was my max and even back then after I slept if off I thought it was crazy I had stayed awake to game for that long.

    Now....if I get at least an hour to play a game without any any nagging or interruptions, I would say that's a nice solid block of joy!!!

    i often work 120 hours in a week and by the end of it im destroyed, even though he is just sitting there, he is putting an immense strain on his body in which by the same method people have in fact died.
    When i do binge game, i always limit myself to 24 hours MAX as anything else past that i only do 1/4 ass'd and i cant seem to accomplish anything, and if i cant accomplish then i dont play

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