There's No Escape From The Cops In Watch Dogs

Dayshot: There's no escape from the cops in Watch Dogs. Sometimes, they are really determined to catch you!

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    solid article,
    so much detail i could barely contain my excitement...

      Not even an article really, an article would hint to something beyond one sentence I'd think.

      It's a dayshot.....

        If an article or a post doesn't say "dayshot" on it and it's still the same size... then what's the difference?

          The same difference as finding a letter addressed "To the householder" and one explicitly addressed to you?

          Fair point.
          But with Dayshots, In Briefs and other tiny interest pieces being a long time constant on this site. What exactly is the point going in to every small article and voicing it?
          Might as well go in to every article and say "This is made of words and pictures"

          Clearly the snide, sarcastic and constructively critical comments alike have had little effect on how they choose to fill their site. Like how complaints of plentiful gifs have been heard with even more gifs.

    The cops were so clever, always flying their choppers right above me knowing that Aiden was unable to look up while driving to use the Heli disable skill.

    Only way to escape chases is to jump over bridges.

      I have gotten away a number of different ways.

      But yeah, sometimes they just go mental and shrug off everything

      Get a boat drive out to sea. take about 45 seconds and your clear

        This. Read about it somewhere and have been using it ever since. Combine with heli disable for super easy getaways

          Lol sometimes i just swim - disable heli before you jump in the water

      Never done that before and I've escaped every time, but yeah as others have said, just get a boat and you lose them straight away.

    I had a cop doing 360s in one spot for a stealth mission, that made it hard.
    best way to ditch them is so hide under bridges. Works 100%
    mod takes over 24 hours to OK a comment. :/

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    Unless you drive into the water, for some reason they never check the water!

    Also wait a minute... you can shoot from inside your car?!

      Nope, what makes you think you can shoot from your car?

        Yeah, in the gif, you can see the ammo count going down while driving.

    Another quality Gergo Vas article brought to you by the letters C R A and P.

    So, Watch_Dogs has Need for Speed physics?

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