And The 'Most Stylish Gunship Takedown' In Battlefield 4 Award Goes To...

Blitzeh, who launched an ATV with C4 into the sky without mercy and aimed for those choppers above.

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    There are almost more tags then there are words in this article.

      Are you counting individual words in the tags or the tags themselves?

    That's an attack helicopter not a gunship

      attack helicopters are also known as gunships

      "A schooner is a sailboat"

        Yep, can be a reference to a heavily armed boat too. Also, there is no Easter Bunny... ;p

    Also shows how bad the hit registration is in Bf atm

    Shows the C4 blast radius is too big, except when I use it. Some how 3 C4s didnt killed two guys on a quad bike for me.

    Also "Gunship Above" at the beginning of the gif refers to the gunship plane unlocked when your team takes capture point C, not the attack helicopter he takes out.

    Last edited 21/11/13 9:41 am

    awesome take down! comments /\ suck! cup's half empty bunch eh!

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