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Brace yourself. We are about to embark upon one of the emptiest months in game release history. This is scary.

Like there is next to nothing on the horizon this July. Almost nothing. As close as you can get to nothing without there actually being nothing. Take this for example: this week we have two games. One of them is a Pokemon game that I forgot about, the other is the retail version of Child of Light. That's pretty much it.

I think the only question is: what games from your pile of shame are you going to be working on this month?

Child of Light (PS Vita)

What is it The flawed, yet gorgeous JRPG-esque thing from Ubisoft. Should you care? It's definitely worth playing. It's a beautiful game.

Pokemon Art Academy (3DS)

What is it? This is a game about enrolling into an Art Academy. And it's set in the Pokemon universe. Should you care? Yeah, if you like Pokemon I suppose. Otherwise avoid.


    Lots of amazing games I'll be playing on Steam thanks to the sales. Currently playing Transistor, LIMBO and Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate (which is underrated and only five bucks right now!) Next up will be Kentucky Route Zero. Looking forward to the remastered The Last of Us this month too.

      oh man, Limbo is good!

        Limbo does def. leave a mark on you - all without speaking a word too, now that I think of it... trippy!

    I think the only question is: what games from your pile of shame are you going to be working on this month?Is it Pile of Shame Month already? I'm not ready! I'm still working off my Pre-Pile of Shame Month backlog...

    Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition should be out on PSN/Live this week also, this will be picked up!

    Ratchet & Clank Trilogy for Vita is getting a physical release next week supposedly, but the EU version is released this week, so we might get the digital versions early! With the assumption of CrossBuy, these will also be mine hopefully.

    I have no pile of shame, finished pretty much everything I own except Forza 5, may pick up Sniper Elite 3 this week and keep playing UFC online.

      No pile of shame?!

        Thankyou, thankyou. I finish what I start.

          But what about what you don't start? :P

            Haha I don't buy anything unless I intend to start it, maybe a game or 2 a month? Only have the Xbone now.

              I don't buy anything I don't intend to start either.

              I've now got a whole shelf full of good intentions >_>

    Does anyone even have money for games after this last week?

    I'm going to try and finish Dragon Age Origins and all the DLC which was gifted to me, but I also want to knock over my second playthrough of Tomb Raider since I have the definitive edition sitting there on Xbone, and finally get around to Stick of Truth.

    I was trying to 100% Lego Star Wars Complete Saga but there's a 20 point achievement to play through a level online which would be fine if I had XBL gold on my 360 account and knew someone who wanted to play it online, but I don't so I've lost interest. I think I'll move onto one of the other Lego games I've got sitting around. So those are my goals. Clear my Lego games backlog, finish Tomb Raider DE, and try and finish Dragon Age.

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    I'd be trying to 100% Watchdogs if it wasn't for the stupid drinking games!

    Just picked up Arkham Origins on Steam for $5. Totes worth playing for that price.

    Technically, Divinity: Original Sin gets released today, though it's just coming off early access. Looking forward to spending some time with it now that it's "done".

      Oh nice! I heard that it was out pretty soon. Looks like I have something to scratch that RPG itch I have been having.

        @os42 - please keep me informed! I'm hoping Kotaku do a community review, but let me know what you guys think.

    Black Flag. Might pick up watchdogs. Or Child Of Light.

      The idea of 2 ubisoft open world game back-to-back sounds really fatiguing. Maybe play child of light in the middle to break it up! Black flag is awesome though

    Just got a bunch of cheap nerf guns from big w and target. I'll be kept busy in the outdoors for a while at least.

    After this Steam sale I think I'm going to go have a pile of shame year.

    @markserrels: don't forget that this week all the PS+ games on PSN should refresh. Not exactly new releases though.

    EU is Towerfall Ascension & Strider for PS4, Dead Space 3 and Vessel for PS3, Doki-doki Universe and LEGO Batman 2 for Vita.

    US is the same, except Muramasa Rebirth instead of LEGO Batman 2 for Vita.

    Also this week is the release (worldwide) of the enhanced Guacamelee Super Turbo Championship Edition on PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. I believe that it's also the free game on Xbox One with their Games with Gold stuff?

    Might get Child of Light on the Vita depending on how much it ends up. Also that PS+ jazz with doki doki should go down well.

      Child of Light is an amazing game, definitely worth playing

    I'm still waiting for Minecraft Xbox One Edition so I can get addicted all over again. My 360 Minecraft World didn't migrate to X1 with me ya see... at least I have a proper idea of what my epic build is supposed to be though... August. Not long.

    Hey anyone notice Another World Anniv. Edition pop up on LiveStore? Didn't evenknow about that at all - a nice surprise for once. Ya don't get that, that much anymore.

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