Tired Of Reading Separate Reviews For Far Cry, Watch Dogs And Assassin’s Creed?

Tired Of Reading Separate Reviews For Far Cry, Watch Dogs And Assassin’s Creed?

Tired of reading separate reviews for Far Cry, Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed? Ubisoft Game: The Review has you covered. Games.On.Net’s Tim Colwill has written the only review of an open-world Ubisoft action adventure game we’ll ever need. Here’s an excerpt:

Ubisoft Game is the story of Main Character, a gruff or sassy white man who is really good at parkour, killing, and killing while doing parkour. One of the most iconic features of Main Character is the way he dresses — Main Character’s sense of style and flair really comes across in his tailored outfit, which makes him look distinctive and features a number of clear symbols that can be easily used in marketing and merchandising.

Brilliant! This is going to save the gaming media a whole lot of time in the future. Thanks, Tim!

Ubisoft Game: The Review [Games.On.Net]


  • I enjoy Ubisoft games… but they just seem to go on too long.

    I know that games seem to be getting shorter these days, but the Ubisoft ones always seem 5 to 7 hours too long.

    • I think it depends how you play. Personally I’d rather a game that goes on too long than one that’s too short. Also a lot of the time consuming stuff is extra stuff you can do besides the main story. I have spent ages in AC games doing everything and then get around to the rest of the story and blasted through that in no time.

      It just depends on your play style.

      • I’ve found that if a game is too short people tend not to buy it straight away because the length affects reviews. The game then comes down in price and it a tempting choice about 6 months later.

      • I’m at this point right now, I’m currently playing AC: Black Flag, and according to steam, have put in 23 hours so far, and I’ve only just finished the 5th sequence out of 12…

        • According to steam I played AC:BF for 70 hours and only did 40% progress.

          I am sure that number is inflated from uplay being open or something. I just had so much fun going around doing everything but the main story. Capturing pirate ships ect. Now it’s been months since I played I feel like I won’t know what I’m doing if I go back.

          • That’s pretty much what I’ve been spending time doing, just sailing around capturing ships and using them in the Kenways Fleet mini game.

    • This is surprisingly how I find them. They all have decent stories (Even if they seem re-used and re-purposed lately) that have been dragged out (But dragged out well) and have a LOT of padding for side missions.

      Granted this isn’t a bad thing though. But it led me to stop playing FarCry 3 after a few hours because I felt I’d gotten my moneys worth and only went back to finish the game after almost a year.

      Same with Assassins Creed Revelations. Still have’t finished it. I also feel Ubi games are starting to feel like colour by numbers pictures. But time will tell I guess.

  • But….far cry doesn’t have parkour and you rarely see what your character is wearing, if at all.

  • I really do enjoy Ubisoft games for the most part, but this was gold.

    I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone very aptly described Ubisoft games as “unlocking icons to unlock more icons on your map, to unlock more icons!”

  • I do enjoy the series’ here but it’s totally spot on. All of ubisoft’s big ips are clearly based on the same template.

  • question though why does your link link to another kotaku article that has the Link to the revview on it

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