Watch A Bedroom Transform Into A Badass Arcade

Watch A Bedroom Transform Into A Badass Arcade

Kotaku reader and NYC-based marketing guy Chris Kooluris turned one of his bedrooms into an arcade, and the photos are just ridiculous.

Here are two galleries of the whole process. Click through to see the room evolve from Normal Bedroom to BADASS ARCADE.


    I didn't know Kotaku readers could afford such luxurious things.

    I love arcades, but that looks horrible.

    Looks cool. Too bad the poor bloke's fiancee left him because of his arcade obsession.

      Now, his friends come over for weekly games, and he sleeps alone on a futon covered with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sheets. "Now that my fiancée and I are no longer together, it's hard to enjoy the room as much as I want to," he told the Daily News. "I always end up thinking about her."

      Yeahhhhh ... obsession will do that. Maybe should have thought it through better.

        Yep definitely, there is a fine line between hobby and obsession and obviously he didn't know where that line was.

    This is neat and all, but that was a lovely huge bedroom. I'd rather the arcade in the living room.

    Obviously this guy is planning on being single for a while. Props to the man for having the guts to turn a sweet looking bedroom into a shitty looking arcade.

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