You’re Basically Getting A New STALKER

You’re Basically Getting A New STALKER

We’ll likely never get a proper STALKER game again. But that’s OK! Some of the people who made STALKER – and Metro 2033 – are off to make a new game that’s a lot like STALKER, it just isn’t called that.

That game is Areal, which is currently up on Kickstarter, described as the “definitive spiritual successor to the cult hit S.T.A.L.K.E.R.”

It’s an open world game set in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is linear and…look, it sounds just like STALKER, OK? Just with some new stuff, like smarter animals, alien crystals and the ability to use a wide variety of vehicles, including helicopters.

While it sounds a lot like STALKER, though, it doesn’t look it. There are bright splashes of colour throughout the art shown, which is a nice change of pace from a group of developers whose previous projects have specialised in grey, black and brown.

You can back it here. Promisingly, they’re only asking for $US50,000, which seems a pretty easy target given the dev’s pedigree.


    • As a Nintendo fan, it saddens me to say this, but the moment they said it was going to be on WiiU, kinda figured it was fake 🙁

  • Very exciting. The story sounds a lot like the premise of Monsters, with the whole Meteor crashing into earth and mutating wildlife and such. Looking forward to seeing a more lush post apocalypse.

    • theres actually another game being made part of the “core stalker devs” as and no im not talking about Survianarium or what ever its called, its some other mob that i saw on pc gamer a while back which really begs the question, just how bloody huge was GSC in the first place!?!

      I mean think about it, there 4a with metro, this mob, the F2P mob and another mob all claiming to be core developers of the Stalker Series

    • As much as I like the idea of developers embracing color in games that are typically brown and ugly, that was basically a part of Stalker’s atmosphere. As I said I don’t mind the idea of it but if this is supposed to be a true successor to Stalker it’s really not showing it, in the atmospheric sense at least. That was what a lot of people really enjoyed about Stalker.

  • All the footage is from Stalker + Complete mod. Currently they’re having trouble proving they’re legit as some of their staff members listed don’t actually work for them. The dev team behind Misery are digging pretty thoroughly.

  • Looks like a scam to me. All footage was from stalker, interspersed with images of concept art that could be made up.

    It’s even been confirmed in JigglePhysx’s link that these guys are making fraudulent claims about being ex-STALKER staff.

  • Misery team just pulled out, unable to provide evidence they’re real.
    “Thanks to Stalker gamers with numerous links and messages there is no longer a reason to believe that AREAL is anything but a scam. I have direct email correspondance with their CEO ‘Eugene Kim’. So far he has been unable to answer to any of our direct questions regarding tech or administration. Please share this notice. We don’t want people to blindly waste money on impostors”

  • Pipe dream!
    All new engine?
    Show me something?
    If it is real I’ll pick it up for the Wii U.
    Seriously… New engine? And a completely developed game for $50,000?
    How dumb do they think we are?
    The engine alone would cost more than that in man hours to create!

  • Well that was over pretty quick, GSC claim its fraud and misery team think its a hoax.

  • lol most of that kickstarter footage is cinematics I worked on here in Aus nearly 10 years ago…

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