Australian Made Hand Of Fate Is Now Available On Steam Early Access

Hand of Fate was one of the first Australian games I can remember launching on Kickstarter when it finally made moves into the Australian market. It reached its target back in December 2013 and now it's available on Steam early access.

According to the creators at Defiant Development the team has taken on some great feedback from its burgeoning community since the Kickstarter and are pretty delighted with where the game is at currently.

A card driven game with RPG-Action elements, Hand of Fate is a pretty unique proposition and hits on that growing card game thing all the cool kids seem to be talking about these days. Interested to see how well it does in the end.


    I love to support an aussie developer

      +1 to this, I didn't back it at the time (due to a lack of funds), but I've just picked it up. Great concept and really hope they succeed.

    Best of luck to them. It's an interesting property to make a prequel for, I look forward to seeing how they introduce Manos.

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