Cats Are Very Serious About Video Games

Cats Are Very Serious About Video Games

You might think you are very serious about video games. Maybe you are. But, you know what? Cats are pretty serious, too.

Late last week, Twitter user Fan114 uploaded this gaming cat photo, which has since been retweeted over two thousand times. It’s like the furry friend is really concentrating on the game.

Gaming cats have been around for a long, long time. But let’s have a look back at some of the ones to grace the internet. If you don’t see your favourite gaming cat (or dog or even hamster, for that matter), feel free to add pics in the comments section below.

[Photo: younya-n]

[Photo: yuki_nya_february]

[Photo: gamebetty_nanao]

[Photo: via Gizmodo Japan]

[Photo: musashi]

[Photo: Viwa]

[Photo: Fukutan5]

[Photo: lucky2005]

[Photo: rilril]

[Photo: somakichi]

[Photo: Tamabito]

[Photo: via Gizmodo Japan]

[Photo: noix]

[Photo: Kazu]

[Photo: younya-n]

[Photo: nekojiman]

ちょっと今話しかけないでもらっていい?集中してるから [Fan114]

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