Colourful Pokémon Dress Lets You Wear 'Em All

Colourful Pokémon Dress Lets You Wear 'Em All

Who knew Pokémon could be so fashionable? This dress from Poprageous purports to include "literally EVERY Pokemon character".

From the look of the dress, I'm guessing that means they included all 151 well-known Pokémon, and not the full 700+, but I haven't counted.

Regardless, that is a lot of Pokémon to fit on a single article of clothing, let alone a dress that actually turned out…pretty cool-looking!

Colourful Pokémon Dress Lets You Wear 'Em All

I could totally see someone cruising into a Portland coffee shop wearing this. For just $US95 and the cost of a plane ticket to Oregon, that someone could be you.

[via Geekologie]


    The picture already shows Pokemon that aren't part of the original 151...


      It's certainly not only the original 151, but I only see Gen 1-3 pokemon.

      That's not what Kirk was saying. He was saying that it likely has numbers 1-151, as well as a portion of the ones from 152-700+

    Was expecting an ESTY link and a $300+ price tag. Was pleasantly surprised.

    For the ladies who like to play hard to catch...sorry...not sorry

      I view that style of joke to be a rare candy.

      *sits in the corner with Ozzy*

        Any one who catches that many pokemon would be a master baller.

    Looks like this product was already taken down due to the creator stealing the artwork, and rightfully so

      copyright is a ghastly act

        oh it wasn't Nintendo who did it, all these were off some deviantartist page, dress maker asked to use them for a dress, the girl said no and the dress maker did it anyway

    >151 well-known Pokémon, and not the full 700+, but I haven’t counted.
    >posts picture showing newer pokemon

    Apparently the art on this dress is stolen from another artiest who was not credited or have even given permission... I don't think this behavior is something Kotaku wants to promote?

      I completely agree!
      Kirk, and Kotaku, should post another story to correct this one and call out the thief
      Disgustingly bad ethics on behalf of the seller
      Not real flash journalism on behalf of Kirk

    Headline next week - Black Milk's ~new~ pokemon dress featuring on every tumblr ever.

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