Three More Characters Announced For Super Smash Bros.

Three More Characters Announced For Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo promised one new Smash Bros. character reveal this morning and instead gave us three: the returning Captain Falcon and two characters from Fire Emblem Awakening — Robin and Lucina.

Chrom also made an appearance in this morning's trailer, but sadly, he appears to be an assist trophy or Final Smash for Robin, not a playable character. Watch the reveal here:

Captain Falcon has been in the Smash series since it first debuted on Nintendo 64. The other Fire Emblem characters are total newcomers, joining Marth and Ike to raise the total Smash Fire Emblem count to a whopping four.

Robin, by the way, is the official canon name for the main hero. You'll be able to play as both the male and female versions in the new Smash, which is out late 2014 for 3DS and Wii U.


    Watching this was only thinking... who the hell is robin?!
    Only until watching the end did i realise he must be the player character.
    (i didn't read the last paragraph before watching)

    My main character in FE:A was a old scarred man :-\

    too much Fire Emblem, not enough Ganondorf.

      But they just announced Captain Ganondorf.

        Captain Falcon and Ganondorf are my two mains, I would play Cpt Falcon against certain characters and Ganondorf against others :<
        I need mah duo, need to so baaaaad.

    I'm guessing the Bayonetta reveal will be closer to the Bayonetta 2 release.

      Assuming there is one.
      I still have high hopes.

        That ZS Samus redesign is a reskinned Bayonetta. Same character model. I'll be greatly surprised if it isn't.

          I'm getting the feeling that Bayonetta was initially planned to be a character, but they instead decided to merge her with ZS Samus (hence the new heels that don't really fit in with ZS Samus' character). ZS Samus having a Bayonetta colour (particularly when they could've easily gone with matching her various armours like you'd expect) makes me think that we won't actually get Bayo. I'm holding out hope that I'm wrong though. I really want a playable Bayo in Smash.

            The bonus Nintendo outfits in the Bayo 1 re-release keeps me hoping that there's no underlying situation where they've done the dev work but had to pull the character.
            Fingers crossed.

    Robin seems like a terrible choice in that a lot of his/her appeal is that you get to pick their appearance and gender. At least they have both genders, but neither looks like my Robin, and I suspect that for most people who played FE:A that will also be the case.

    If they wanted a non-swordsman character from the game it's not like they didn't have other popular options.

      Agreed, my Robin was a brunette female so I had no idea who it was they were announcing until the end.

      I feel like Tharja gained enough popularity to be considered a character but I suppose not...

        It's tricky to say for sure since their popularity polls generally separate the male and female cast and rank them separately. Top 5 on the male side from Awakening are (in order) Chrom, Owain, Robin/My Unit/Avatar, Gaius, Lon'qu, and on the female side it's Lucina, Robin/My Unit/Avatar, Tharja, Cordelia, Cherche.

        It's also probably worth noting that the appearances they've chosen for Smash are basically the same as the art for Robin they used on the character polls. So I guess those are the 'official' designs and anyone that didn't play that way are doing it wrong. :\

    I thought the animation at the start was in game, then it changed to the actual in game and I was disappointed.

    Why couldn't we get a "Tales of" Character? If you were gonna add more Fire Emblem?

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