Here’s An Extended Look At The New ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series

Here’s An Extended Look At The New ‘Star Wars’ Animated Series

Video: If there’s a hole in your life where Star Wars: The Clone Wars series used to be, you’re in luck: Star Wars: Rebels is well on the way to taking its place, and this extended trailer looks fantastic.

Star Wars: Rebels takes place five years before the original Star Wars: A New Hope and tells the story of a group of rebels (funny that) fighting back against the Empire. The story centres around their voyages on their ship called The Ghost.

According to the show’s Wiki, we’ll also be getting a look into the backstories surrounding founding members of the Rebel Alliance.

The best part of this trailer has to be the use of original scores from both the prequel trilogy (Duel of the Fates for nerds playing along) and remastered scores from the original trilogy. You’ve also got some great original sound effects in there of TIE Fighters, freighter engines, laser blasts and droid whoops. I’m hyped.

The show hits screens in October!


    • Nope, this is canon. All the movies, both Clone Wars series, and Rebels are the entirety of the Star Wars canon right now.

        • It’s one of the ones I would have thought they’d keep, since Lucas was directly involved with it. Apparently not though.

        • Disagree. As much as I enjoyed Force Unleashed, they shouldn’t turn that dot point of a character into the Jesus Christ Superstar of the universe, or credit him with the rebellion, etc. Plus they would have to canonise all the over-powered craziness. Anakin Skywalker was supposed to be one of, if not the most powerful Jedi in history but even he couldn’t beat Obi-Wan’s +3 terrain advantage. Starkiller could seemingly pull entire Star Destroyers out of the sky.

  • Love the idea, didn’t mind Clone Wars. Really don’t like the art style though and was hoping they might change it for a new series.

    • Basically when Disney picked up Lucasfilm they canceled Clone Wars because they wanted to move it in-house, then re-hired all the guys that were working on Clone Wars to come work for them at Disney on this. I think the cartoony style worked fairly well, especially later on when it began to hit its stride. Fairly excited to watch this.

      • So as an adult, is Clone Wars really worth the time? I tried a couple episodes at the start, but what I saw seemed like it was really aimed at kids…?

        • The quality varies wildly. There are some very enjoyable episodes with enough depth and writing quality to be enjoyable to adults, while others are just “talking down to children” rubbish.

          • Well… I’ve found anything that was 3PO, R2 or kid-centric was usually a boring and weak episode. Anakin and Obi-Wan episodes were a bit hit-and miss. Strangely, the episodes which I enjoyed most were those that were centred on the clones or peripheral Jedi characters.

            As someone who loathed the prologue movie, I came to deeply appreciate the show. Ahsoka’s more annoying traits mellowed out, Anakin became more likeable, the show became more ambitious with multi-episode story arcs, etc.

        • The CG Clone Wars series you mean? Yeah, it gets quite a bit better as they moved on and got comfortable with the characters & story they wanted to tell. Hell, they even manage to redeem Jar-Jar a bit and “mature” his character a bit (and for the record, he only shows up a handful of times over all 5 seasons). Season 2 definitely picked up the pace, but there’s some genuine standouts in the first season – Episodes like Rookies or the Ryloth trilogy are fantastic.

        • Definitely worth it, as jacka said the quality does vary quite a bit but while there are a few way too kiddy episodes, there’s some seriously dark and nasty stuff in there too which is pretty awesome.

        • As others have said, it varies a fair bit. Most of the time it’s pretty enjoyable though. Redeemed the prequel trilogy setting for me, if not the films themselves.

          It also improves (and gets a lot darker) as things go on. The initial episodes were kind of ropey and the timeline for the episodes and how they all fit together was all over the place as well.

        • Varies a lot as other have said. Around season 3, I stopped watching. I don’t know how they thought that episodes with heavy political content would appear to both children and adults… well to anybody. It was a snoozefest.

        • As other have said, it varies. Personally I’m not a fan, but I love Star Wars so I watch reluctantly.
          A lot of episodes, especially early ones are aimed at kids. Jedi almost never use force powers when convenient, get their butts wooped by the average joe, make stupid decisions at every turn etc basically anything to get the plot moving without any need for decent scripting.
          Jar Jar and Padme feature reasonably often, Padme has about as much aptitude as Jedi and Sith, while Jar Jar is “comic relief” while somehow always doing the right thing, almost always by accident and almost always more successfully than anyone else.
          A lot of the episodes have content that contradicts the films too.
          The animation got quite a bit better later seasons though, the lightsaber fights got less “A-New-Hope-old-men” slow movement fights and more fast paced believable force powered young men/women. The stories get darker and better later seasons.
          I watched it out of reluctance simply because it’s Star Wars, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably cringe and rage a lot while watching the show. However, you’ll find some little golden rays of sunshine in there, and they for me made the show just barely bearable.

    • Actually the art style in that trailer looks somewhat cleaner than Clone Wars. Feels a bit more like classic Star Wars in the look and art design, especially when looking at the armour.

      Honestly the thing that always bugged me about Clone Wars CGI was that it’s art style was ripped off of Tartavoski but just didn’t have that same strength as the 2D versions did.

      The 2D animation looked sharper, fuller than any of the animated models which seemed to use it to cut down on detail rather than highlight characteristics.

      But the animation quality for rebels seems to have dropped a bit, seeing a lot less interesting shader work and a few rather dull backdrops and skyboxes.

      Feels like it’s had a slight budget drop compared to the last few seasons of Clone Wars, then again early Clone Wars was much worse than this is.

      • The facial animations have definitely improved here. Just look at Hera (the Twi’lek pilot). That said, the ‘plasticine’ hair is still letting everything down and it doesn’t look all that different from the later seasons of the Clone Wars.

        • I’ll admit, I was mainly looking at the faces. They’ve lost a lot of the hard lines they used to have in the name of stylizing and yeah the animation does look quite strong.

          Yeah hair doesn’t look that different, I’d have assumed that was much more a technical/budget limitation.

        • Agreed, some absolutely stunning film making and the art style worked so well in that format.

          It just lost a lot in the translation to 3D models.

  • I was kind of afraid there’d be jedi in this, I was hoping they’d manage to do something star wars without them for once especially since they were supposed to have been basically exterminated

    • I’ve enjoyed some of the (now non-canon) EU stories about the rogue Jedi that survived the Purge. The comics about Dass Jenner were fun, although I read them a while ago now.

      • From the EU, it seems like every Jedi and his granny survived Order 66. Each novel, comic or game trots out someone who was a Jedi during the Old Republic. Even the ‘Legacy’ saga set around 100 years after the OT, has a big bad who was a Jedi during the Clone Wars.

  • Clone Wars this is not. Gone is the iconic character design, replaced by generic 3D characters from the early PS3 era.

  • The kid with blue hairs character design, is like, real shit and boring.

    Also the voice acting seems worse somehow.

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