It's Time To Get Serious About Fishing, PC Gamers

Fishing games have usually been more about abstract fun than fishing. A Dreamcast game with a plastic rod, for example, was never going to be an authentic simulation of the experience. But hey, now that the team behind Train Simulator are making one using Unreal Engine 4, maybe they will get a little more serious about it all.

In Dovetail Games Fishing, players will tackle every step in the fishing experience, starting with the selection of equipment and rigs based on the type of fishing and objective. Players will then survey their preferred location then take to the waters edge to prepare their gear. Using an intuitive new casting and reeling mechanism termed 'Total Cast Control', players can then test their skills by finding, attracting, catching and landing the fish.

Initially specialising in fishing for carp, Dovetail Games Fishing will quickly expand to include a multitude of popular fishing types, including bass and fly-fishing, across a variety of locations around the world.

Ok, yup, they're getting serious. I don't see a single mention of beer, shotguns or dynamite there.


    So can we safely assume there will be a good 3-4 grand worth of DLC like there is for Train Simulator?

      Plenty of rods and lures to collect. Don't get things started on mono filament or fluorocarbon lines.

      $20 per additional fish to catch and 40-50 dollars per new fishing spot.

      I actually liked the sound of this game..... until I saw it was by Dovetail Games. Ain't no way in hell I'm going to be stung by them again.

    I'd prefer another game like legend of the river king on gbc.

    There is only 1 fishing game.

    And it's called "Ocarina of Time."

    No gameplay footage is shown.

    Stick with Championship Bass

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