World Of Warcraft: Legion Is Getting An Artifact... Fishing Pole

World of Warcraft: Legion Is Getting An Artifact... Fishing Pole

As if epic and rare fishing poles weren't enough to catch fish and slowly level up fishing, the next expansion will introduce an artifact fishing pole called the Underlight Angler, with its own traits and special abilities. One of the biggest new features of Legion will be powerful Artifact Weapons that we can level up and modify, and each class and specialisation will have its own weapon. Adding an extra fishing pole using the same mechanics certainly sounds like a good idea.

That's mostly because fishing in WoW is one of the most tedious things to do. It's slow, boring and, besides catching a few cool rare items, it doesn't really have any purpose. But most WoW players are completionists and care about achievements and mounts, so they level up fishing anyway. Wowhead made a video showing all the completed models:

As the current alpha build of the game shows, we can modify this special fishing pole to be able to walk on water, teleport to the nearest fishing node, become a fish (alright) and catch certain fish types. Sounds great!

Fishing is the only secondary profession where a piece of equipment is required to do the job, but still, maybe Archaeology would be a lot more fun with something similar.

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    Fishing is the only secondary profession where a piece of equipment is required to do the job

    Not for a while now. Your character pulls a stick with a fishing line on it out if you attempt to fish with no pole in your inventory.

    Still, I love the idea of the fishing pole artifact and I'm looking forward to acquiring it.

      They kind of need to since the Best Fishing Rod in the game comes from Wrath.

      Now all they need to do is make it so I can click the pool to cast rather than stand there missing it 10 times in a row. And maybe add a net with a few minutes cool down that catches a few fish at a time.

        No, what they need to do is make your progress with fishing account-wide instead of per-character because holy hell.

    My wife looooooves fishing in WoW and will happily spend hours just chilling out and doing that. She single handily keeps the guild bank stocked up... and thanks to fish food being the highest raid buff available in WoD is making a killing on the AH with it since most people don't do it. She's made almost 300,000g in the last 2 months just from fishing alone >< So it's hardly a useless thing to do.

    Me on the other hand am just too lazy.... I just attach nets to all of my Garrison Ships these days.

      I thought savage feasts were on par with crafted food, but 100x easier to acquire?

        Nope. Savage feast gives 100 stats and you're unable to choose which stat. The fish food is 125 and you get to choose the stat.
        Source: I made about 1mil off selling just sleeper sushi.

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