World Of Warcraft: Legion Hidden Artifact Skins Are Hard To Get, Except When They're Not

Behold the owlcat hidden skin for the Fangs of Ashamane, the Feral Druid artifact weapon introduced in World of Warcraft: Legion. To obtain it I had to spend nearly two weeks on research and another two weeks waiting on randomly occurring quest objectives. Meanwhile, on my Gnome Hunter... Artifact weapons are essentially how players gain power in World of Warcraft's Legion expansion. Each class and talent specialisation gets its own legendary piece of kit, and they're stuck with it for the whole expansion. Each has four different looks with colour variations that can be unlocked through normal play, but the coolest looks are hidden behind complex quests, challenging dungeon missions or raid content — well, most of them.

For example, to get the owlcat look for my Feral Druid, I had to first reach level four in my artifact research, which pretty much meant spending Order Hall resources and then waiting out timers that last between three or four days.

Then I had to check the Emerald Dreamway each day to see if I got an emote pointing me to one of three zones, Hinterlands, Duskwood or Ferelas. Upon receiving this emote I had to go to the indicated zone and hunt for a little rock on the ground. Upon clicking said rock, I received a 15 second buff indicating success, and then it was back to waiting.

Clicking all three stones was a matter of waiting. Every day there was a chance I would get an emote for one of those three areas. I went as many as five days without hearing a single peep. I finally got the third on Saturday, after which I had to return to the Emerald Dreamway, find an owlcat NPC and sit next to it to receive the item that unlocks the skin.

Meow. Squawk.

If not for the folks over at WowHead, I would never have figured any of this out. Such a long and complicated process, resulting in a very cool look for my class.

Meanwhile, on my Beast Mastery Hunter, who hasn't even reached level 104 out of 110 yet . . .

Nerf, apparently.

Her hidden skin, which transforms her rifle into an odd-looking Nerf thing, was purchased at a vendor in Dalaran, the expansion's central hub. I was repairing some armour over at the engineering building and noticed the upgrade item sitting there for 6500 gold. A few character-to-character money transfers later, it was mine.

The Beast Mastery Hunter hidden artifact skin is purchasable, as Blizzard has said, so the class/spec combo can have a bow instead of a gun. This doesn't make it any less sad.

I kind of hate it, really. After the hell of logging in day after day on my Druid, hoping the game would randomly screech at me, I resent my Hunter for only having to fork over some gold. That's some bullshit right there. My Hunter is now on sabbatical, while my Combat Rogue goes after his Thunderfury skin (yes, I said Thunderfury).

You can check out WowHead for a comprehensive list of the hidden artifact weapon skins in the game so far, as well as the convoluted (and not so much) means of securing them.


    All the hunter ranged weapon skins are trash anyway. I've transmogged them to the steampunk gun from Uldar.

    The survival one is ok .... but, well .... it's survival. Melee hunters? It's unthinkable! An abomination, I say!

      they are absolute trash. my BM hunter immediately transmogged that ugly gun into my old rhok'delar and haven't looked back

        Im sorry I gave up on Rhok. Once BC came out, there was little reason to continue trying to get it. And transmogs weren't even considered a possibility back then. Ah well....

          You're not the only one. Still have the Dragon Sinew in my bank forever reminding me.

      Black Bow of the Betrayer is still the best-looking hunter weapon.

    just be glad you'r not a fury warrior as their hidden appearence is a random chance drop off a world world boss that has yet to come up and there are 9 world bosses on rotation. Or you could be a ret paladin which requires you to be at artifact knowleage lvl 6 before you can start the massive long quest chain that is an ode to the old rumor from vanilla about how to get the ashbringer (fishing up books in Alterac Valley, taking the heads of nef and ony to the prince in diremaul west etc etc finally capping it off with getting a final item of a slime in the eastern plague lands that only appears every 30+ hours and only 5 people can loot it at a time

      Ive looted the monk keg to get the BrM one everyday since release. But no luck lol. It's more annoying!

        im lucky i have both on my demon hunter

    The reason they are different is based on how much that class QQs about their weapon models / aninations being shoe horned... most of the easy to get ones are vastly different skins.

    Before transmog if the best in slot was a gun the hunters would moan and complain due to the sound and animation and to lesser degree the shattering of roleplay immersion of a nightelf holding a sniper rifle.

    It just sucks not all classes/specs are being treated equally.... or that one class has two easy ones thrown at them... or how some classes dont get a weapon type variety from their hidden model.

    The ret Paladin one is brutal. Need to wait for a slime to spawn, which can take anywhere from 1-30 hours. Time you just need to sit waiting. And then you need to fish for an epic item that can take anywhere from 500-4000 casts. Soul destroying if you don't pace yourself.

    Reminds me of the old Everquest epics. Some were painfully complicated, others were no more than collect 4 items, spawn a boss and kill it.

    Happily for me, the class I played (bard) was the latter. Wasnt quite that simple of course but it was very straightforward. Other classes had some weird requirements to get their quest(s) progressing.

    I liked the variety myself. Everyone had a point that needed raid level help, so there was definitely back scratching for each other. Some of the steps were ludicrous in their specificness though, and without greater internet wide help I doubt most would have solved. Like the druid skin in WoW.

    I was excited for the corrupted ashbringer skin. Then I found out it can take up to 2k fishing casts.


    That Bow is not the only Hidden Artifact appearance for the BM hunter, Blizzard just added that one in for people who dont like to use guns on their character.

    i'm confused...Thunderfury skin?! can you use legendary weapon skins now? i've got TF from ages ago.. can i use transmog on it?

      The skins are for your artifact weapon, various types with different unlock requirements. Its xmog specifically for your artifact weapon and can't be applied to other things.

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