Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The Makers Of Grand Theft Auto

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing The Makers Of Grand Theft Auto

The actress best known for her controversy-filled personal and professional lives has claimed before that Rockstar Games based a character in Grand Theft Auto V on her, without permission. And now she’s suing the company.

According to an AP report on Yahoo! Finance, Lohan’s lawsuit claims that GTA V character Lacey Jonas is based on her, in likeness and personal details. The suit has been filed today in Manhattan, where Rockstar Games’ corporate headquarters are located. We’ve reached out to Rockstar Games for comment and will update this post if they respond.

Here are videos from in-game missions featuring the Lacey Jonas character.

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  • I always assumed the character was based on Hollywood socialites in general, and not anyone specific. Linsay Lohan is hardly the only young female trainwreck in LA.

    • i think they made it clear it was based off another celebrity

      Theres even a live action shot of the same pose

      if anything she looks like Kate middleton

  • As far as I am aware, any sort of parody works is protected from this kind of legal action, so I’m not sure what hope this lawsuit has.
    Ellen Page would probably have better luck taking action against Naughty Dog…

  • Even if the character was based on her, which I doubt she has any hope of proving, Rockstar will probably be able to put in a pretty good defense that their use is protected as satire/parody.

  • Lohan is just after some more cash for her cocaine addiction.
    She’ll probably just loss money for wasting Rockstars time

  • this is still going on!?
    i thought they had all this sorted around december last year, or am i thinking of a different time Lohan tried to sue over the exact same thing?

      • That got resolved pretty quickly when the actual model showed receipts of payment for her work… and that the cover art likeness doesn’t look like a drug fiend.

      • The cover art girl looks more like Barbara Dunkelman than Lindsay Lohan. it’s ridiculous.

    • I think it started with a threat, back then. What they’re probably reporting now is the months-later effect of the lawyers guessing that they’ve probably run out of time that they can write off as ‘research’ for a ‘good case’, and that now they actually have to get off their asses and sign some papers to keep the Lohan-funded gravy train coming.

  • Maybe she’s a disgruntled PC gamer who got fed up waiting for it to be released on PC

  • Pretty funny that she acknowledges what a disgusting person she is, that character was horrible, if I resembled and behaved like a Rockstar character I’d keep it a secret.

  • didn’t realise Li Lo needed money that desperately.

    To be honest i never saw the connection when playing.

  • So she see’s a caricature of a spoilt pretentious young actress, and assumes it’s based on her. What an ego.

  • the fact that she’s seen that and seen “OMG, THAT’S ME” says more about her than the game.

    As a side-note: I appreciate the effort, and no doubt countless hours spent trawling the internet to find a recent photo that doesn’t make her look like a completely fucked up, malnourished, hung-over, heroin junkie/Courtney Love

  • This is a crazy world, so imagine if she somehow actually won. It would set a precedent which effectively destroys satire and parody. It won’t happen, but if there was a chance it did then there’s little hope left.

    • To be fair, its being done in a country where it’s just been declared by the supreme court that it’s legal for a craft shop to act as a theocracy and tell women they’re not allowed to buy specific things such as birth control with their general medical insurance… Oh yeah, while the same craft shop’s insurance is fine covering male employees for vasectomies. All because they believe it sincerely and somehow that it’s not going to set a precedent…

      You were saying something about hope?

  • I never once thought this character was related to Lindsay. But starting this lawsuit sounds like something this character would do. Now is the character playing as Lindsay or is Lindsay playing as this character? Maybe Rockstar should be suing her for copying one of their game characters!

  • As far as physical likeness, pretty sure the model was Shelby Wellinder, 1000x times hotter than Li Lo. And I’m a big fan of redheads.

    • That actually sounds like a really sensible and safe thing to do for AAA games… pay someone to use as the official likeness so that if some fucked-up celebrity later gets on their delusional high horse, you have something to point at and say, “Actually, it’s not a likeness of you, it’s a likeness of her. And she agreed to it. Sorry it’s not perfect, that’s artistic representation for you.”

  • Priceless….Coked up, pretentious and delusional “has been” see’s a digital representation of a coked up, pretentious and delusional “has been” and thinks it’s her…..Then proceeds to sue for likeness…lol

    What a monumentally dumb cow this one is!

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