Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit Is Getting Intense

Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit Is Getting Intense

In July, professional meltdown artist Lindsay Lohan filed a lawsuit against Grand Theft Auto V developer Rockstar Games and publisher Take-Two Interactive for using her likeness in their open-world crime game.

At first, the lawsuit revolved around a minor character in the latest GTA, Lacey Jonas, an anorexic actress who asks your protagonists to help her dodge paparazzi. But in court documents filed yesterday, Lohan ramped up her claims, and she's now saying that Rockstar used her image not just for the in-game character but on GTA V's promotional art, discs, and other merchandise.

One of the illustrations in question:

Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit Is Getting Intense

Which, obviously, looks nothing like Lindsay Lohan. But her claims make at least a little bit more sense when you stack the promotional art next to a real photo of Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan's Grand Theft Auto V Lawsuit Is Getting Intense

Of course, that doesn't make it any less silly that Lohan is claiming this is a violation of her right to privacy. The complaint is also full of gems like "The Plaintiff has been using the peace sign hand gesture for years before and after its use in the video game" — as if Lohan is some sort of peace sign unicorn, only leaving her mystical forest to sue anyone who draws a picture of someone sticking up two fingers.

Another particularly fun line in the suit: "Multiple people in the general public have reached out to the Plaintiff believing [Lacey Jonas] was the Plaintiff, creating consumer confusion in the market place." Consumer confusion!

You can read the full lawsuit here, via The Hollywood Reporter:


    Hey, she's got to make money somehow.

      She's not going to make a dime off of this.....but hey, at least her lawyers are getting paid!

        You never know with the US legal system.....

    Somebody help, I'm suffering from consumer confusion! Why Rockstar!? Why!?

      Dear god, somebody get this man a doctor! He may inadvertently purchase something related to Lindsay Lohan believing it to be a Rockstar product. Lindsay Lohan is right: Lindsay Lohan must be stopped!

    That does it. I'm suing Lindsay Lohan for using her likeness to imitate me. I've been using long blonde hair since before and after she sued the game that allegedly contains her likeness and her use of the peace sign since before and after the game was released...

      I'm suing Lindsay Lohan for her lack of beard, Its offensive to bearded women because it perpetuates the stereotype that bearded women are not sexy.

        I should sue you for implying that Lindsey Lohan is sexy. As a man whose tastes in women includes "not obviously drugged up 24/7", I find your comment offensive.

          All three of you are gold. I don't know which smart arse comment I like more!?

    If you take a look at this picture;

    You can see that the real victim here is someone we know all too well.

    I reckon it looks more like Kate Upton than Lindsay Lohan. Sif anyone would want to immortalize that skank anyway!

      I thought that was confirmed, as there are some well established shots of Upton in almost that exact pose.

      Exactly, she looks more like Kate Upton with her face and bigger bust; someone immensely more appealing than Linsay, and also more popular during GTAV's development. Also, people see a "peace sign", I see a cleverly disguised "V", which is 5, as in GTAV.

      It was based off Shelby Wellinder, established model.

    No freckles = no lawsuit.
    Sorry Ms Lohan.

    There are some Seven Billion people on the planet, chances are there is someone out there that looks just like me. Should sue that person for appropriating my likeness and causing general confusion.

    Last edited 11/10/14 11:00 am


      Let's sue all the doppelgangers!

    I'm hesitant to criticise this woman since it's related to video gaming. On the surface she's unhinged, uninformed and has self-interest at heart, but lately I've learned it's more likely that I'm sexist.

      Your problem is that you mentioned the word "woman". The phrase "mobile atomic collective" may cause less offence. Or more. It's difficult to tell, sometimes.

    With 7 billion of use any picture will look like someone

    Didn't rockstar say that they hired a model for this? I think I remember something like that way back when this case first started.

    I thought we established who it was

    as if Lohan is some sort of peace sign unicorn,If it's the peace sign, wouldn't that make her a bicorn?

    Didn't they pay a model to pose for the short and make a likeness of her? I swear the originals have been posted before.

      They did. Shelby Wellinder.

        Case closed? lol.

        The whole fallen star bullcrap is easily covered under parody laws.

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