Now Final Fantasy XIV Has Private Quarters And Chocobo Raising

Now Final Fantasy XIV Has Private Quarters And Chocobo Raising
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Role-players and giant chicken aficionados rejoice! Today’s the day Final Fantasy XIV’s “defenders of Eorzea” patch arrives, giving players private rooms, the ability to raise chocobos, and plenty of questing and hunting to keep others occupied while you’re in your private rooms.

Sure, some of you may be excited by the three-faction Frontline player-versus-player content, or the chance to show Ramuh he’s not so tough. Hard Mode for Stone Vigil and Tam-Tara Deepcroft dungeons is a draw, as is the overall continuation of the game’s main story. But we all know where the action really is — behind closed doors and inside the chocobo stables. Just try not to mix the two.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Primal Fight Hard/Extreme Mode: Ramuh
  • Outdoor-Dungeon: Hullbreaker Isle
  • Dungeon Hard Mode: Stone Vigil
  • Dungeon Hard Mode: Tam-Tara Deepcroft
  • Skill Item: Desynthesis
  • Daily Hunt
  • Frontline: Three-faction PvP
  • Continuation of the Crystal Tower
  • New Main Story and Side Quests
  • Chocobo Raising
  • Housing (Private Chambers)

And in case you’re allergic to reading, here’s a video showing what’s new. If you play the PlayStation 3 version of the game, you might want to squint until the video looks slightly grainy.

Or you can just go to the game’s official site and read the world’s longest patch notes.

Enjoy all of the new content, and just in case you don’t, remember patch 2.4 is coming, bringing Rogues, Ninja and marriage to the game.


  • For anyone just starting the 2.3 patch, I highly recommend you start the Corpse Groom quest. Tam-Tara HM is by far the best dungeon to have come out since launch (excluding raids). SE put A LOT of thought into this dungeon, what with the atmosphere, the music, the little notes that go from being disturbing to downright morbidly creepy/frightening, the mobs… it’s just a great dungeon (it’s a Japanese horror fanatics dream, especially the post dungeon cutscene).

    Here’s the dungeons theme:

  • Considering in the past few weeks I haven’t been able to play the game for 5 minutes without being disconnected I am very sad to say I might have to leave Eorzea soon. 🙁 Which makes me very sad, because I love the game. No point in paying for a product that doesn’t work though.

    • Are you sure that it’s not a problem on your end? I and my friends have been playing the game without such horrid disconnection issues.

  • i thought ninja and rogue was coming in 2.3?

    devo, i wanted to start up again and i love rogue classes, guess i’ll wait for 2.4

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