Final Fantasy XIV Will Allow Same-Sex Marriage After All

Final Fantasy XIV Will Allow Same-Sex Marriage After All

Talk about a realm reborn! Fans of Final Fantasy XIV who were upset about the game’s controversial decision to exclude gay marriage need not worry any longer. Square Enix just confirmed during one of its live-streamed E3 developer talks that the game will introduce same-sex relationships in an upcoming patch.

The relevant part of the talk begins just shy of the 2:30:00 mark, when they field a question about same-sex relationships in the fictional world of Eorzea.

Quoting from a translator here, the developer said that upon the arrival of the 2.4 patch, “people within Eorzea will be able to pledge their eternal love and or friendship in a ceremony of eternal bonding. And this will be open to people regardless of race, creed, or gender.”

Well there you have it. Now was that so hard, Nintendo?


  • We shouldn’t have had to complain for them to make the change in the first place… It should have been implemented day one.

    • Well, the marriage system isn’t even in the game yet, so… it kinda will be implemented on day one 😛

      Or are you talking about Tomodachi Life or whatever it’s called?

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