Off Topic: What’s Replaced Game Of Thrones?

Once upon a time I didn’t even need to think up a topic for ‘Off Topic’. It was simple: Game of Thrones. All everyone wanted to talk about was Game of Thrones. Those halcyon days are gone. So what I want to ask today is — how have you filled the Game of Thrones shaped hole in your heart? Other TV shows? The world cup?

Me? It’s a combination of things. I’ve been watching the World Cup when I can, but the time difference is difficult. It’s not something I’ve been doing in the evenings. In the evenings, when I’m at home? I’ve mostly been playing video games like Wind Waker HD and Valiant Hearts and… Yoga.

Yep. I’ve randomly taken up Yoga. I haven’t been going to classes or anything, just doing Yoga based on YouTube instructional videos. Weird. That’s what I’ve been doing instead of watching TV.

What about you?

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