Off Topic: What's Replaced Game Of Thrones?

Once upon a time I didn't even need to think up a topic for 'Off Topic'. It was simple: Game of Thrones. All everyone wanted to talk about was Game of Thrones. Those halcyon days are gone. So what I want to ask today is — how have you filled the Game of Thrones shaped hole in your heart? Other TV shows? The world cup?

Me? It's a combination of things. I've been watching the World Cup when I can, but the time difference is difficult. It's not something I've been doing in the evenings. In the evenings, when I'm at home? I've mostly been playing video games like Wind Waker HD and Valiant Hearts and... Yoga.

Yep. I've randomly taken up Yoga. I haven't been going to classes or anything, just doing Yoga based on YouTube instructional videos. Weird. That's what I've been doing instead of watching TV.

What about you?


    I just started watching the new HBO series The Leftovers!

      The leftovers was pretty terrible to watch.
      Might give it another episode.


    Oo I've been thinking about doing Yoga at home (never done it before) you have a prefered channel you use?

    A bit of The Voice and The Voice Kids when I do watch TV. That and Jimmy Fallon now and then, he gets some good guests. I'm really craving a new TV series though, I just recently went through the first 3 seasons of 'Episodes' and really enjoyed that.

      I supplement my cycling with this yoga:

      The website is a bit "infomercial", but the workouts are good. Yes, they are workouts!

    Still waiting for a show to get me excited now GoT and Vikings are finished, been watching more movies and gaming. No yoga though, tried hot yoga once was brutal, 90min in a 40degree room.

      Try Tyrant, just started, was hands down the best pilot for a tv show I've ever seen. How good the show continues to be I don't know.

    I watch world cup at all times and my body is very angry at me about it. When not watching world cup or working, I stare vacantly at the wall thinking about sleep I'm missing and what teams are in the next match.

      You and me both! It's really starting to take its toll! On a somewhat positive note the fixture list only gets easier from here.

    Going back and watching the X-files from the beginning.


      I have been too........... Weird....

      That and Smallville actually.

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      Funny you mention that, that's actually next on my list when I'm done with my Star Trek: The Next Generation marathon.

        Just finished a 2 year run of watching every star trek episode at one or two episodes a day. I got pretty fatigued at Enterprise though, I ended up just putting it on in the background while I did something else.

          Did something similar when I first got Netflix except I watched them all in chronological order so Enterprise 1st then TOS then TNG with some concurrent DS9 the last seasons and finishing with Voyager. Much more satisfying ending :)

    World Cup, Last Week Tonight and MasterChef for me.

    DBZ Kai and soon to start buffy! Never seen it before!

      Just finished massive Buffy marathon with my daughter, she really loved it.

        That show, man. Got me through high school. :)

    Waiting for new The Walking Dead, and new Game of Thrones, and new Archer, and new Dr Who.

    Watching nothing at the moment.


    Tried watching Penny Dreadful, seemed interesting at first but then they drop vampires on you (sigh) and then... Dr Frankenstein (double sigh) so fuck that. When will people stop going back to those same old wells of vampires, werewolves, frankenstein's monster blah blah. Boring. Also tried Salem out, but it seems generic as hell. Witches = meh, especially after the last American Horror Story has JUST been all about witches.

    Shows like True Detective show that it IS possible to have a series be really successful based on a completely new IP, Game Of Thrones shows that there is more out there in terms of fantasy and how to adapt a book series for TV successfully (albeit not exactly faithfully), Vikings shows that history is rife with interesting events that differ from the same old well tread paths (WW2 anyone?).

    I haven't really found anything specific to fill the GOT/Vikings gap in my week, watching a couple movies, playing some games and doing some work will suffice until Sons Of Anarchy comes back one last time.

      Is the next season of SoA the last?

        Yea I think so.

        Fuck I hope Gemma dies.

          Considering her husband wrote the show for her, I would think there will be a pretty epic finale for her character

      A quick read of the synopsis would have clearly told you what Penny Dreadful was about. Personally I thought it was a great take on these stories crossing over and actually stayed gritty and dark for it's short lived season which was great.

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        Have only watched the first episode so far. Enjoyed it, but hasn't really grabbed me. Do the later episodes get better? Its got a 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' vibe to it (the comic, not the movie)

          They definitely added a lot more intrigue as the series progressed and it gets a fair amount darker especially in the last 4 episodes. I haven't read those comics unfortunately so couldn't verify the comparison in tone or styles but yes the premise is similar, though less comic book like.

        My girlfriend suggested we watch it because other people had recommended it to her so i thought what the hell, I wasn't about to stop her - 'i can't watch this until i've read the synopsis, dear. You know that'

        It had decent production values and good actors, I'm just SO SICK of goddamn vampires. Enough already. There are HEAPS of other literary/cultural fictional characters, myths and legends to choose from if you want to adapt something, anything but bloody (ha) vampires.

          while I can appreciate the vampire fatigue it was almost necessary to include them in this premise, you can't throw all the boogie men into a pot and leave out Dracula and I appreciate that they at least did them right instead of going the modern romantification of the vampire. The biggest disappointment for me was that they killed of Prof. Van Helsing in a single episode, he was kind of pointless and just there for the name drop.

      If you've got netflix, I highly recommend Hemlock Grove.

    I've restarted Community, started Parks and Recreation and about to restart Next Gen.

      Season 6 of Community is going to be made now! Now all we need is the movie!

    Everyone should be watching The Leftovers!

    What's replaced it? As of Saturday night the Tour de France. 3 weeks of my favorite cycling grand tour of the year. Good bye sleep!

    I will probably go back and watch the first season of Under The Dome, True Blood has started it's last season (thank god but the missus loves it), I should go back and finish Fringe finally too.

      Finish Fringe? Oh dear. I pretend the whole last season didn't happen so I don't hate a series that I got some enjoyment out of at the beginning.

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        Meh, the final season wasn't great but it wasn't terrible. The show always had some very high concept ideas in it. I'd prefer the final season over nothing, which was the other option.

    Just finished off House of Cards and I'm currently burning through season one of American Horror Story. I'm enjoying AHS a lot more than I thought I would.

    Person of interest, true blood, falling skies, defiance but need to get true detective

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      ...but need to get true detective

      Yes. Yes you do.

    My wife is a huge true Blood fan so we're watching that. Then it's only 32 weeks until the next Game of Thrones! *curls into fetal position*

    Legend of Korra

      The wife and I are a little bummed that there won't be an episode this week (Independence Day) but it is certainly better than waiting 32 weeks for the next GoT.

    I might START watching GoT.
    Currently halfway through the last season of Sons of Anarchy.

    Finished watching Fargo on the weekend. I was sceptical about it at first, being a huge fan of the movie (and most of the Coen brothers movies). But it was absolutely brilliant, I recommend it without hesitation. I've finally got around to getting Netflix working at home, so I think next up I'll finally give Breaking Bad a shot.

    Been watching Fargo. Pretty great series so far (about halfway). If I have half an hour spare I’ll watch Parks and Rec, but I’m halfway through season 6 so almost run out.

    I'm watching Black sails now that i've finished fargo. It isn't great but it's watchable.

      i got about 5 episodes into Black Sails and seeing as they only just actually got out to sea agai (or were about too) I ditched it, it just was not interesting.

      I enjoyed it a lot more than the first episode of Crossbones.

    Just bought bleach bankai box set 1 and 2 so that will keep entertained until boardwalk empire returns.

      hai hai, Kurosaki Ichigo
      Also Kenpachi, what a star :P

      This song:

        Hells yeah, man, time to watch Bleach again methinks, after listening to that. What a great show :D

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          Kenpachi is still right up there as one of my faves :P

          But in saying that, man there are just so many cool characters in that show, in fact it's a much, much shorter job to list the bad characters... actually can't think of any off the top of my head...

          Also, who the hell knew there was a Bleach Musical???

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    Rewatching Doctor Who from the beginning of the 2005 series hoping to get through them all just in time for the new series start in August.

      You should do what a fan friend of mine is doing - time it perfectly so the end of the final episode shown correlates perfectly with the beginning of the new episode.

      ...yes, my friend is slightly weird. She also crochets TARDIS throw pillows, so I'm imagining you may not be at that level of feverish addiction.

        There are currently 2 different Sonic Screwdrivers on my desk, and a TARDIS USB hub...

    I'm finishing book 5 of GoT to get my fix. And playing the GoT card game...

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