Only One Retailer Gets LEGO Batman 3's Best Preorder Bonus

Only One Retailer Gets LEGO Batman 3's Best Preorder Bonus

I get it, lots of people hate preorder bonuses. The only thing they hate more is retailer-specific preorder bonuses. LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham features six different retailer-specific incentives, but only one is a Plastic Man minifig. Which retailer gets it? Oh you know.

Keychains? Feh. Mini-sets? No reason I couldn't build them myself. A digital comic? Are you serious? GameStop wants none of that crap, which is why its the only retailer offering the Plastic Man minifig, hopefully in large enough quantities that there are some left over after the employees take theirs.

When it comes to LEGO game preorder bonuses, minifigs are the way to go. They're adorable, uniform in size and shape, and there are collectors who will pay a pretty penny for them, should you be so inclined.

Here's a rundown of what you can expect to score based on your retailer preference.

Only One Retailer Gets LEGO Batman 3's Best Preorder Bonus
  • Amazon — Recycled LEGO Batgirl Keychain
  • Best Buy — LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Digital Comic Book by Comixology
  • GameStop — LEGO Plastic Man Minifigure
  • Target — LEGO Batwing Miniset
  • Toys "R" Us — Recycled LEGO The Joker Keychain
  • Walmart — LEGO Tumbler Miniset I'm pretty sure I saw in a Target checkout line

Or we could just not preorder at all and break this vicious cycle once and for all. That will work!


    If you're gonna post articles on KotakuAU, why don't you make it about local retailers instead of just posting the US article, or just don't bother posting the article at all.

    Oh, and if Gamestop's got the Lego Plastic Man Minifig, why do EB Games (Gamestop's Australian arm) have the Lego Batmobile Tumbler Set?

      You do realize there is an auto-report script running on the site? It reposts all US site stuff to here. If we just had things locally, this site would see an article every day or two from Serrels and that's about it

        I'm sure if they wanted to they could filter out all the articles that aren't relevant to us. But that would probably take a few more man hours, which would cost more in wages, and we can't have that. Let's just set it to auto instead and save a bit of money, doesn't matter how annoying it is to them.

        Straight from the Kotaku AU about section
        We cover the Australian gaming industry with a team of award-winning local journalists, and localise the best posts from the US, making sure to eliminate what’s irrelevant for Aussies.
        Don't give me crap about auto-resposting, it's simply laziness.

          This site really needs an Australian editor...

        It doesn't work like that. The Aussie Gawker editors screen everything. Gizmodo AU staff used to veto seriously like... half of Jesus Diaz's post due to trollery and basically calling everyone who didn't use an iPhone wrong, stupid, etc.

          Yeah but there's a difference between screening and live editing articles. I think it's Ellie Hart that would be up this late, and from what I understand they'd be expanding her role into a full time job if they had her going through each article and doing more than the odd USD to AUD conversion when she has the free time. She would have to ditch her other duties too so they're basically adding a new position that needs to be running all day (if it's a slow day Mark can do it, and I think he does from time to time, but I'd much rather he focused on the great original content that makes the site worth coming to).

          Plus this is an article about the pre-order bonuses in US stores. The Australian version isn't just swapping GameStop to EB it's writing the article from scratch. Not to mention that the centerpiece of the article, GameStop's Plastic Man Minifig exclusivity, hasn't been announced confirmed as having an Australian counterpart at all. The Australian article would be 'the US gets some neat stuff, we get a Batmobile minifig at EB, man that sucks' and we already know that just by reading the US version.


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