Sailor Moon's New Transformation Sequence Has Leaked

Sailor Moon's New Transformation Sequence Has Leaked

Although the Sailor Moon reboot doesn't start broadcasting until July 5, footage an advanced screening has leaked — notably, Sailor Moon's new transformation sequence, as well as the new intro to the show. If you don't want either of these things spoiled, you shouldn't watch either of these videos. Fair warning!

Here's the new transformation sequence in full, uploaded by Matthew Pearl, along with the old transformation sequence — for comparison's sake. Skip to :44 seconds if you just want to see the new one:

And here's some off-screen footage of the new opening, recorded by Kuchenreich. Note that you'll be able to hear an audience react to the footage, too:

What do y'all think? I'm a fan — straight up got emotional watching the new intro for the first time, heh. And that song? So catchy. I'm looking forward to Saturday!


    The new one has a slightly weird "uncanny valley" feel to it...

      They used 3D animation right? I really hate bad looking 3D animation in anime.

        yeah the body was cel-shaded 3d, while the actual face looked to be a mix of 3d and 2d, which i think might have been the problem for me, cos the shading seemed a bit off, with some of the 2D and 3D seeming a bit mismatched

    meh the new transformation is too busy and the 3D used is bleh. Nothing on the transformations from Kill La Kill (irregardless of the nudity)

    Transformation scene is awful. The original was simple, original and effective. The new one is none of those.

    No Moonlight Densetsu? FAIL!
    Don't change it if it's too well known!

    I know this is a reboot, but Moonlight Densetsu is a classic piece of anime history, why change something that was perfect to begin with?

    Pretty unremarkable animation in the new one. The timing is really poor during the 3d heavy sections (over reliance on virtual camera rather than specific timing). The original surprised me with how well it's aged though.

    I don't need Grumpy Cat to tell me that was terrible.

    Wow so much negativity here.

    I thought the opening and transformation looked spectacular! I can't wait to watch it in fi-def.

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