Surely The Most Awkward Way To Play Tetris

Surely The Most Awkward Way To Play Tetris

Do you love the game Tetris but wish it was on your torso for friends and total strangers to see? Well one lucky tinkerer has a solution for you!

Tinkerer Mark Keger has outfitted his shirt with an Arduino Uno and 128 LEDs to create a very public and somewhat awkward wearable game of Tetris. Here's hoping you aren't ticklish.

Mark Keger via The Creator's Project


    Would be more awkward if they were on the front of a pair of pants...

    I'm far too ticklish to wear something like that...

    I'm wondering if that wouldn't get really hot after a while, doesn't seem like most conventional light up shirts in sheer terms of how much crap is involved

    Either way excellent job, I love how much 3d printed stuff is involved in the housing :)

    Buttons should be on the chest.....and come in female sizes. :P

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