Why Not Play Tetris With An Eggplant

Why Not Play Tetris With An Eggplant

Why would you play Tetris using an eggplant for a controller? Why not, other people ask.

As you’d suspect, the New Zealander and former competitive Guitar Hero player responsible for this insanity is streamer Rudeism. We’ve covered his exploits before: converting a Nerf bow to use as an Overwatch controller, Overwatch using a stick of bread, and dance mats for World of Warcraft.

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Why Not Play Tetris With An Eggplant

His latest venture: Tetris Effect, and Tetris generally, with the internet’s favourite emoji.

As explained on stream, the eggplant has some accelerometers that hook into to a computer via USB. Rudeism then has a custom script of his own that converts the motion controls from those into standard inputs, which are then translated into the PS4 through a third-party converter.

The whole setup was tested on a browser game of Tetris first, which helped Rudeism refine the sensitivity a little better. The coding was done in Arduino 1.8.7, with the Kiwi streamer talking people through some of the code and showing it on stream.

It took some wrangling, but eventually it worked! And for those who doubted, yes: it was a real eggplant.

You can watch more of the stream through Rudeism’s channel, or via one of the videos embedded below.


  • Meh. Sticking an accelerometer in things isn’t really that quirky, especially when it’s something as benign as an eggplant. Now if it was a Durian that would be a test of your skills as you deal with both a thorny controller and the smell.

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