Tell Us Dammit: How Much Time Do You Spend Gaming?

I'm just curious, mainly because I'm noticing that my own weekly hours spent with a controller/mouse and keyboard have been declining as of late. Real life responsibilities have been making a slow creep into my time since my early 20s, and I'm starting to hit a breaking point.

At the moment I estimate that I'm getting about 3-5 hours in a week on average. This might extend itself if I get heavily engrossed in something — recent example being Dark Souls and Dark Souls II. Then that number might grow exponentially, but I don't imagine it grows over 10 hours, and it's difficult to maintain because it's usually eating into my actual sleeping hours!

I just find that I have a lot going on. I have Dad responsibilities, husband responsibilities, a demanding job, and I have a lot of training commitments for climbing. It doesn't leave me too much free time.

Am I alone in this? When I was a carefree single student God knows how many hours I was packing in, but things are a little different now.

Let us know in the comments below.


    ~2 hours per week of casual gaming in 10 minute bursts at lunch or during a break (TagPro, Hearthstone)

    ~2-3 hours per week of hardcore gaming one night a week (Dark Souls 2, Wolfenstein).

    Same reasons as Mark, minus the climbing. 3 kids + demanding job = not as much gaming time as I'd like. Or is that 3 jobs + demanding kids?

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    Even though I'm unemployed right now, I still don't find myself gaming as much as I used to/want to. No idea why, but I guess it's usually that I'm either too tired, or something else comes up that needs tending to. I do go through phases though. Even when I am working full time, there will be occasions where I will stay up all night (or every spare second of my day) playing, but I guess it really comes down to what I'm playing at the time, and how engrossed in it I am.

    Exact hours unknown but lucky for me my wife is also a gamer so she does not hassle me at all about my gaming hobbies. Also with the birth of our daughter 2 months ago (Yay!!!) and me being the primary carer for her (stay at home dad) I have even more time than ever for gaming.

      Really? Wow, you must have one of those sleeping babies I've heard of (and a self cleaning house!)
      I found I had way less time for gaming once my latest daughter (4 daughters now!) came along. She eats up all my time, in a good way, but there is none left for gaming during the day.

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        Sleeping baby yes. She is amazing. Had a few all night sleeps lately but has been a 2am and 6am feeder since about 2 weeks old.
        Staying on top of the cleaning is not hard. Have worked as a professional cleaner in the past so this is a breeze. I expect to get a lot less time as she grows older and I am 100% ok with that. But in saying that as she gets older I am hoping she is a gamer like her parents so I will likely be gaming with her, just different games to what I am used to.

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          Yeah, enjoy the time where they stay where you put them.
          I got a climber that apparently doesn't need sleep. At 12 months old she could climb out of the cot, now at 18 months she can literally climb and descend *anything*. She is so much fun, but my gawd, you can't avert your eyes for a second.
          I struggle with the cleaning, but 4 kids adds to the fun, and one with special needs.
          Now I just have to wait until she is old enough to game *with* ;^)

          Enjoy it while it three moths they figure out how to keep themselves awake.....and from then on they take up more and more time. The first 2 moths are often easiest..........change them, feed them, smile at them, put them to bed and repeat in 3 or 4 hours........I use to pretend I was a robot.

          I was a stay at home dad too....though at the time my kids were born I was investing in property so I was more of a drag my kids to different construction sites and other meetings dad....

    Steam said that i spent 50 hours ever 2 weeks, i like to think it's less, it most likely isn't.
    I work 11 hours a day, so when i get home or it's the weekend i just like to chill and play, but that is if i have a free weekend.
    Edit: i guess steam counts my idle time.

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    Between 1 and 6 hours a day, sleep is for the weak....
    Other than my missus i have no family obligations so that's nice and easy.
    if i have no plans i game, if i have plans i don't.

      Same here if I have nothing else to do gaming it is but if something comes up happy to turn off an do that instead

    I go through phases. Six months of the year I might play 5-10 hours per day, the six months after that I may barely touch a single game unless it's over beers with friends.

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      I'm the same game hard for months then just can't bring my self to turn the ps3/ps4 or pc on to play games

    If I'm working the day I'll probably only get about 2 hours play but if I have no work on the day I can play up to 6 hours so something like 10-20 hours a week so too much game time lol
    When reaper of souls launched just after losing my drivers licence in 2 and half months or so put 310 hours in to D3 RoS

    What's this "sleep" thing you mention? I'd say up to 8 hours a day, however I'd average about 2 hours. I make time to game.

    If I didn't have to work I'd be spending all my time playing games!

    Now it's limited to 2-6 hours a day going up to 18 on weekends.

    Glad to hear your gaiming time is declining Serrels, I was worried about you there for a while.

    I have 4 kids, and a wife that I love to be with, so my gaming is mostly *with* the kids lately, it went up to an hour or so a day during school holidays, but now is back to maybe a couple of hours a week tops.

    This can go haywire when something gets its hooks into me, and I will binge late at night, and become zombie-dad, which is why I have held off from getting the Elite beta for my Oculus Rift. I fear I could disappear into that, never to be seen again...

    Not enough. I usually get about 1 hr during travel to work and back on weekdays, then about an hour and a half on school nights. On the weekends I usually tend to get maybe 4 - 8 hours in depending on what's happening and if I'm exhausted or not.

    Lately it's been 0 hours. I haven't played a game in about a month. I want to but just can't due to various reasons.

    well if theres a good SP game out ill sink my time into that till iv finished it (like Wolfenstein.. good game)

    But lately iv been watching One Piece trying to get up to the latest one and im also an admin on some pages on facebook.. so id say daily i get from 1 to 4?

    Time is an illusion when you're logged into Dota.

    Around two hours each night and sometimes can be up to 6 - 7 hours on weekends

    On average an hour a day on my phone...
    On average an hour+ a day on my Xbone...will increase over the coming months with all these releases though.

    Probably 0-10 hours a week depending on what;s happening or what I'm into.

    I just started a new game of Demon's Souls so it'll probably jump up now.

    Probably 10-12 hours a week.
    2 hours raiding on a Wed/Thurs night before bed, then as much time as I can possibly cram in on the weekends.

    Wish I was playing more, but like most others, real world takes up most of my time. Also I got a puppy recently and he needs real hugs, digital ones just dont do it for him (else he'll pee on me... again...)

    Not enough.

      agreed, stupid real world commitments and the whole needing money to buy games & live thing.

    Around 20-25 hours a week, primarily on my 360 (GTA Online). I do play on my PS4 and XB1 as well, and will probably switch to them completely once GTA Online comes out on next gen. I should mention I am single, with no kids lol.

    As much as possible. But with 2 jobs, a partner that likes doing things and a band that plays regular gigs, it's still no where near enough. I miss the time in my life when I wasn't afraid to start a game because I might not get time to see the story through!

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