The Only Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures I Need

The Only Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures I Need

Here it is. It doesn't matter how good or bad Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy does at the box office early next month. As long as I get my Hot Toys 1/6th scale figures of Rocket Raccoon and Groot, it's a win in my book.

Guardians of the Galaxy toys have started showing up at retailers across the US this month, putting a significant strain on my financial resources. I've already purchased the Rocket Raccoon Titan figure from Hasbro, two LEGO sets and a Rocket Raccoon plush. All I need now is the face mask for the wife, and this amazing two-pack from the fine folks at Hot Toys.

The Only Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures I Need

Hot Toys does a fine job with flesh-based figures, but a better job with armoured individuals. Groot and Rocket fall somewhere in-between flesh and armour, giving the toymaker's sculptors plenty of texture to play with without having to actively try to recreate a movie star's face. The result is kind of sexy.

The Only Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures I Need

And pretty pricey as well. Rocket and Groot are available for preorder now through Sideshow Collectibles for $US359.99, with a release target of March 2015. On the plus side, that's only $US54 a month if you pay in installments.

The Only Guardians Of The Galaxy Action Figures I Need

This Hot Toys set is pretty much exactly what I wanted to come of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. If I don't get one, all of that acting, directing, producing and marketing will have been for naught.


    I've been so tempted to get this but the wife will likely murder me :( Can't wait fod GotG!!! :)

      1) Murder her first
      2) Cut of the limbs and head
      3) Mail pieces of her to people you both know but also mail a piece to yourself to not look suspicious
      4) Buy the figure

      OR don't buy it.

        hmmmmmm... your ideas interest me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.

      I keep seeing comments like this everywhere about all kinds of different thing, limited edition Blurays, video games, toys, LEGO, etc. and it just makes no sense to me. And it's never "the boyfriend" or the husband", it's always the girlfriends and wives that won't tolerate your interests. I'm not trying to start or insinuate anything, I'm genuinely confused. Were people not upfront about their likes at first? Are you not allowed to spend money on yourself? It just seems like so many people are married to, or just with people, that don't get their interests at all and by the sounds of it don't want to compromise or accept.

      Maybe I'm just lucky with my partner.

        wasn't being literal, dude. today she randomly went out and out lego and a wii u game on layby for me without my knowledge. we are saving for a house deposit but she's actually very cool and understanding about what I waste my money on... if anything I've gotten worse with my spending since I met her hahaha :)

        I think it is just a joke, used when guys can't quite justify the purchase themselves (i.e. they want it, but know it is pretty expensive/frivalous) but it does kinda perpetuate both negative stereotypes of the immature, irresponsible male wasting money on 'toys' and the shrewish girlfriend/wife that has to be sneaked-by.
        I blame the Flinstones.

        By which I mean 'The Honeymooners' that The Flinstones was directly plagiarised from.

    I wouldn't say it is a joke, nor a stereotypical interaction. My birthday falls in March. Told my wife, right there... want the Rocket/Groot set. Her first reaction was WHAT??!? That price is crazy. My response was, so was your last camera. She's still reconciling the notion of her "toys" versus my "toys". Got her on the ropes though ;)

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