Where To Find The Destiny Beta’s Five Golden Chests

Where To Find The Destiny Beta’s Five Golden Chests

Part of Destiny‘s gameplay formula is finding and grabbing loot amidst all the sci-fi gunplay. But some of the loot chests in the beta are shinier and cooler than the others, bestowing special rewards to players that find them all. Here’s where the good stuff is.

The guide to the golden chests — which can be found in the beta’s Story or Explore missions — comes from PS4 player Mercenary09, who shows the locations. If you can’t watch the video, here’s a quick rundown:

  • Restoration: go up a set of stairs, through a room, on a desk and there’s a golden chest
  • The Dark Within, during the Wizard boss fight: through the ceiling in an adjacent room, across the opening you entered in and around through a back corner and, presto, chest.
  • Forgotten Shores: through a cave with a small waterfall in front of it, chest is behind a big rock.
  • Forgotten Shores again: facing the broken pier, run down the shoreline underneath the pier until you reach a set of low rocks. Jump up the rocks and find the chest.
  • During the Devil’s Lair boss fight: go underneath the platform to the right and the chest will be waiting for you.

Loot hunts like these will probably be a big part of Destiny‘s final retail version, so consider grabbing these five shiny treasures practice for now.


    • Borderlands to me was amazing and its kinda hard to take “loot boxes” out of an RPG game to be honest… but i do agree x3….. man do i love this game!

      you know what they say “Destiny is a Halo/borderlands mash up”

      • So Destiny is the original Borderlands trailer before they switched to cel-shaded?

        • Welp, Destiny has regenerating health too so you can actually go in and stab some things.

          • I played borderlands and we were level 6 and getting fucking destroyed by level 2-3 things. Two of us. So we had to sit back and snipe. And run outta ammo. Boring as fuck.

            Destiny you can be all like LEEEEROOOOOOOOOYYYY JEEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINS and punch some things in the face, then run away to hide and regen.

          • Sounds like a problem for Borderlands or your character builds (besides, the first 10 levels of Borderlands has always been the most dull).

            The problem with regenerative health is that the total amount of health you have is usually too low, so melee is not a viable option unless you begin a fight in close quarters combat, and only if melee is quick or kills in one hit.

          • At level 8 I can only kill level 3’s in one hit, and most level 4’s. I’m talking monsters.

            And yeah, if you’re not quick on your feet you’ll get smushed pretty easily in CC range. But the health gauge is actually pretty generous.

          • Basically regenerative health in games typically isn’t good enough to melee unless you’re using a melee build.

          • I must be doing it wrong then because 50% of the time I am running around punching/stabbing things. On all classes.

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