WoW’s Draenei Next Up For A Visual Upgrade

WoW’s Draenei Next Up For A Visual Upgrade

Blizzard’s ongoing improvements to World of Warcraft have now reached the Eredar with a new look for the Draenei.

Art director Chris Robinson says, “The original was one of the better character models in the game, so it didn’t require a ton of translation — but with higher-resolution textures and more polygons to work with, we were able to bump up his fidelity quite a bit, as well as improve how we convey emotion through a new animation rig.”

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  • I remember when BC was coming out you’d learn about the Demon Night Elf and his legion army.. now we get slight face improvements.

    Legit this is all I’ve seen of the new expansion so far.. faces

    • yeah I agree, if they want people to come back they need to completely update models and more importantly get rid of all the horrible ancient low res textures.

      • Yeah agreed should they not have the ability to at least bring it up to wildstar’s graphic quality?

        • Because the great thing about the game is that it can run on almost anything. Why do you think they have the highest MMORPG Subscription base? because they listed to their fans

  • I liked them the way they were… its not like there were the human barbie dolls or anything…

  • Still hoping the face-tentacles aren’t final, they look horribly low-res compared to the face – especially when it’s animated.

  • I’m liking the fidelity improvements, I do hope that they flesh out the animations on the rig a bit more though, the male squidface always looked a bit wooden to me in his movements.

  • The fact that they are only doing the male Draenei; I find this highly offensive and sexist.

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