A Handy Way To Know When All The Games Come Out

A Handy Way to Know When All the Games Come Out

Heaps of games are coming later this eyar for you to enjoy. But maybe you're having a hard time tracking when the titles you're looking forward to are coming out. If that's the case, then the Play Date interactive game release calendar is for you.

Developed by software engineer Chris Gregori, Play Date pulls user-submitted data from Giant Bomb and drops it into a sortable calendar. It's only compatible with Google's Chrome browser right now but a future update will let users export to iCal and Google Calendar. Perfect for forecasting when you're going to be 'sick'.

[via The Daily Dot]


    Or https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2014_in_video_gaming

    The easiest way is to wait until people start complaining about the latest game.

      This game is literally Hitler and causes cancer? Well at least IGN didn't give it 7/10, so I'll give it a go.

    Does anyone know if Driveclub is still free?

      It was never free. PS+ users get a bulk of the game for free, though.

        Ah right, I remember watching the E3 reveal and they kept touting free for all ps+ members, all good.

      20% of the game is free... that is you get to play with 1 of the 5 countries within the game.

      Each country has 11 tracks. That breakdown is
      2 Point to Point (x2 for reverse mode)
      2 Road Circuits (x2 for reverse mode)
      1 Race Track (x3, different configurations)

      There are only 10 cars to play with though, but all game modes are available.

      The game is free but you have to buy game currency to fill the cars up with petrol

    I run an excel spreadsheet to keep track of what I'm buying so I know what to leave on the credit card ;)

    Not pictured: Hatoful Boyfriend, due out Thursday night at 2am (so Friday morning).

      Just pre purchased this this morning :D
      Quirky times ahead!

      Last edited 20/08/14 11:01 am

    December is looking pretty packed...might need to book some time off work...

    But seriously November...there's something coming out every week that I want to pick up. *sigh* there goes everyone's Christmas presents.

    are those dates AU or US releases?

      Exactly, Just whose release dates are these?

      EU maybe, since it's a UK website. It'd be a stretch to expect them to report this though.

      My guess is US, considering all the major game drops are on Tuesday, that is the big release day in the US...

      Other regions "normal" main release date (outside worldwide stuff)
      EU is Wed, AU is Thur and UK is Fri.

      Well, going by the picture, it looks like October, and since the US tends to release on Tuesdays and the Borderlands Pre-Sequel is out on the 16th in EU territories, I'd say US, except for the fact that KH 2.5 HD Remix is only out in Japan on the 2nd of Oct so... *shrug*

    No Danganronpa 2 either...

      Early next month for that one

        Yeah, I'm aware when it releases, got a pre-order and everything, but I was just referring to the calendar didn't have the listing...

        So results may certainly vary.

    Monster hunter 4 isn't till next year.

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