BioWare Continues To Tease Its New Project

Goddamn BioWare will you stop it with your bloody sexy marketing. I don't want to get excited about something I can't see. But here I am, all curious about this new video you've got on your viral site. Damn it all to hell.

I mean literally nothing is being shown. Nothing. This might not even be a game for all we know. It could be bloody anything. BioWare could be getting into the detergent business for all we know. But nah. They have to post these live action clips without context to inspire conversation and speculation. They have to be all up in our business trying to pique out interest and what not.

Well, mission accomplished. Well done BioWare. I have posted your clip. I am in the process of wondering what the hell is coming next. You're marketing magic has worked its way into my brain. YOU ARE INSIDE ME.

Seriously though — what the hell is this?


    Well seems to be a supernatural inspired RPG? New IP anyone?

      Rumor-mill is suggesting modern day RPG, ala Mass Effect or Dragon Age, focusing on magic/witchcraft with horror elements.

      Also, everything is pointing towards a big reveal at Gamescon next week in Germany.

      Also, I have not seen a single thing yet that suggests this is NOT a Xbone/PS4 game. Rumors indicate it is not a past-gen title in anyway.

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        Modern day Dragon Age/Mass Effect focusing on Magic/Witchcraft with horror elements. Yes please.

      EDIT: IGNORE ME. Getting my games mixed up.

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        And wow. I can't believe I wrote that sheer amount of idiocy. >.

          Im suddenly more interested in what you wrote than this bioware

            I know the suspense is killing me! What did you write?! So we can make fun of you!

      I thought so originally. Now it looks like a darker version of Heroes, where supers are coming into their powers but unable to control them. Maybe ...

    there's a related ARG called Seeking Henna that might give a tad more info...

    it involves a missing girl named Henna, a strange school called the Woods-Watson Institute that has a pretty interesting course offering.

    eg :
    Traversing the Past: A Look at History through Memories
    This course looks at the broad timeline of history through the minds of the people who lived it. By navigating through the web of memories, we hope to create a larger understanding of important events that have lead us to the present.


    Martial Tactics versus Incorporeal Entities
    How do we combat a hostile force we cannot touch? As with most martial arts, we must not rely too heavily on our senses. Instead, we will join body and mind to work on pure instinct. Through daily exercises, students will learn to grasp what cannot be touched.

    also, trawling through BioWare's patent & trademark holdings seems to imply this game is gonna be called 'Shadow Realms'

    But yeah.... take all that with a grain of salt.

    Edit : oh, & on the W-W Institute events page, it says the 'first day of classes' is the 13th August... the first day of GamesCom... so I'm sorta expecting an announcement then.

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    Let's get to the most important internet stuff about this as its Bioware....

    Can you be gay and/or a transexual?

      This isn't nearly as funny as you think it is.

    "BioWare could be getting into the detergent business for all we know"

    That's some hardcore detergent right there!

      "Dammit man, i told you we had a top loader! A TOP LOADER!!"
      Seriously peeps, they put those labels on the packets for a reason!

      If this were an ad for detergent, I would never buy any other detergent so long as I live.

    Does anyone know if this is related to the BioWare/Failbetter project, or is this a separate thing?

      The Failbetter project seems like it's the ARG "Seeking Henna" that's currently running alongside these teasers.

    Is anyone able to slow down or speed up or reverse the things she says before it become understandable? I feel like there is hidden info there

      Agree, it sounds reversed.

    I was wondering what this was, i was getting emails from with just 'You have been Chosen'

    Twil Effect?

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