Bridesmaids Director In Talks For Female-Led Ghostbusters Reboot

Bridesmaids Director In Talks For Female-Led Ghostbusters Reboot

Though all the chatter lately has been about the status of Ghostbusters 3, Variety is reporting that Paul Feig, who helmed lady-led comedies The Heat and Bridesmaids, is being courted by Sony to produce a Ghostbusters reboot with female leads.

Variety says there has been "conversation" but not negotiations, per se. The trade also says the script would be "written from scratch", which means the lady Ghostbusters would probably not just be genderbent versions of the old ghostbusting team.

No word on whether this reboot would be produced instead of Ghostbusters 3, but I would assume we all hope that's what would happen. Either way, this sounds pretty promising to me, though still fragile right now.

But let's go ahead and roll with this and start fan-casting, keeping in mind it probably won't just be the old team as women. Give us your picks.

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    well, we all knew it was going to be bad anyway... let's just get this over with.
    The casting is probably going to be Rebel Wilson, Melissa McCarthy and a generic straight woman, and the film is going to be a lack-luster, unfunny affair.

      And every friggin Rebel Wilson scene will be her, standing there, with an 'Oh' look on her face, you know, with her, uh, you know, trying to, uh and you know, trying to you know, make funny comments that fall flat, uh you know like and then, uh you know, not coming out funny at all, and then, like..... awkward..... pauses during it..... like a fifth rate Jonah Hill........ who himself is a fifth rate *anyone*.....

    Just leave it alone. Don't ruin the classics

      ... any more than you already have.

        What is there a point with what you said?

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    I'm fine with having whatever gender/ character in what ever, AS LONG AS IT'S FOR THE STORY. If it's just slapped in there to please a demographic, or be politicly correct, then no.

    This, looks like it's the latter.

      Nope nope and nope. This is why I think this is a bad idea. Too much emotional development of the characters! Too much story!

      The old ghost busters barely had any story, just some action, wise cracks, and a romantic development that could of been written up in a paragraph.

        That's fine, it doesn't have to be a deep story for my point to stand... Having a female character in the movie 'just to have one' is more insulting than not having one IMO.

        But as I say, if the character 'should' be a woman, story wise, then that's PERFECT.

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          So, unless a lead character is explicitly written to be a female, it should automatically default to being male? Male = normal?

        Ghostbusters was a sitcom. Literally. Funny characters in an odd situation. It doesn't need plot or character development.

          But it still had those things..

            A very thin plot, and barely any character development, so not, not really. While you look at something like bridesmaids, and it's just two hours of emotional development.

              I'm not saying you are wrong, I agree ghostbusters should be simple, but the movie still has a plot and themes. Some of which include the 'underdogs' succeeding by learning to trust eachother and work together. In that sence, I could see a female ghostbuster working better than if all of them were woman (if they do go that way).

              What I mean is this: just because a film (or any story for that matter) is simple, doesn't mean it doesn't have some form of cohesion in theme, plot devices and character development, even if it's very little.

              I'm not asking for more of these things either, IMHO, some of the best movies are the ones that do these things in a simple way, like the original films did. All I'm saying is it has to work, on what ever level it is, be that simple or complex, else it shouldn't be there.

              Being Ghostbusters, I would also preffer simple, just like you.

              Edit: I just want to clarify as well, that I feel That if they do do something like this, I would like to see it only lightly brushed over, like how in the original films they only lightly brushed over issued, themes etc. I'm not at all saying it should be a heavy handed bashing that insults the intelligence of the audience.

              Edit: I also just want to say, regardless of all this, I'm sure it won't be as good as the originals. Probably because of what you say actually. Modern film makers and most modern films have no tact and often force the point home. They don't imply things subtly anymore like older films. If ghostbusters were a modern movie, all the themes that were done simply with subtlety would be layed on thick.

              We would have had at least two scenes where they have fights about how they can't work together. Peter would have stormed off and at the end they would have reunited. Etc.

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                Another thing, modern CGI is too slick and lazy in a lot of ways. I'm 99% sure the ghosts would totally suck in a modern Ghost Busters, just like CGI turtles look shittier than Jim Hensen creature shop men in suits, and CGI wicked witch looks worse than a rubber mask from the 30's.


                  I take it I'm not alone in saying I find puppets look more 'real' than cgi? They may look like puppets, but they have a real presence. You know they are 'real' in that sense. Vs cgi that moves and looks 'better' but look fake and less believable/ immersive lol.

                  I think the only 'modern old movie' I'm looking forward to is the new Star Wars, because they are working as they did back in the day. Or at least they are trying to.

                  @outatime we'll see. The new trilogy was definitely a good example of slick CGI overdoing it. Hell the lava fight scene with Anakin was one of the worst blue screen scenes I've ever seen.

                  Yup, definitely. That's why, apparently, they are staying away from cg as much as they can. But as you say, only time will tell.

      Yeah I don't know about that.
      Ghostbusters was all dudes, but was that trying to please a demographic or was it just because "okay so what about there are these guys who fight ghosts?"
      (you're right though, when things are done purely for demographics or being PC it stands out like a sore thumb and is about as enjoyable).

      That said, shit's still gonna be awful - not because it's an all woman cast, but because they're trying to remake the freakin' Ghostbusters!

        Yeah, that's what I mean. The original was just guys BECAUSE it was just dudes. I don't think they had any other motives for that.

    Please don't, You'll ruin ghostbusters. Would you like Michael bay to make a sex in the city movie with men instead of women as the lead characters?

    I largely gave up caring when Murray refused to be in it, and then doubly so when Ramis passed away.

    RIP Ghostbusters.

    Hmmm...... ...... as long it is set in a paralell universe, I am fine
    Plus I do hope they begin with 3 masked ghost busters then reveal their gender ala metroid, when they used 2 ways to samus' gender: passcode or speedrun

    It could be worse, they could of got Michael Bay to do it

    Looks like there's definitely going to be a "got slimed" scene in this!

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    A third movie, sure, but for the love of god, DO NOT REBOOT IT. Jesus christ.

      I'd rather it be an entirely separate entity to the original movies. The first movies are of their time. There's no chance of matching them in this day and age in either tone or style - pop culture evolves a lot in several decades. Much better to make it its own thing than awkwardly trying to gaffer tape it on to the original storyline.

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        All they really need to make a 3rd movie is to have an original character hand over the reins to a new generation.

        Much better just to do an original movie than ride on the coat tails of a classic for no reason. Reboots are for imbeciles.

        "Much better to make it its own thing"

        Agreed, in which case it shouldn't have the 'Ghostbusters' link at all.

    If it happens I hope it's not a reboot. Make it a continuation with them being the new team, cameo whoever is left of the old team to pass the torch.

    Put Tina Fey and Amy Poehler in there and it might be a done deal.

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      Exactly, it's same thing I say with sequels/reboots for games; don't just remake the same thing or make it title=title+1, make it a new thing in the same universe. I have a low opinion of people in general but even I think people actually could cope with that as a concept.

      Star Trek: The Next Generation wasn't Star Trek: II and it managed to do okay (though they did try to make a direct sequel as Star Trek: Phase II, probably for the best they didn't succeed since films worked out better for them)

    Variety says there has been “conversation” but not negotiations, per se.

    Translation: Nothing has actually happened

    I don't think they need to remake it honestly.
    Mind you, having females as Ghostbusters has worked as a good concept in the comics, even if they are the "B Team".
    However, there isn't any female comedians I'd like to see in the roles except for maybe Margaret Cho, as the comedy styling a of a lot of female comics doesn't mesh with how Ghostbusters movies are written.

    In the Ghostbusters game from 2009, Dan Aykroyd said in an extras video that it was the third movie. Let's play that instead and forget this movie ever existed.

    If they add a Gorilla called Tracey to the team they might have my attention.

    Julia Roberts. Michelle Rodriguez. Nicki Minaj. lol. And if its going to end up as a crummy B movie then it'll probably have Vanessa Hudgens aswell ;o (ok so Journey 2 escaped being a B movie, and I hope her good fortune continues, as it's not her fault she ended up in a few rubbish films!)

    Chris Cooper as a/the bad guy/schemer if any human bad guys are in it. Need more Chris Cooper.

    Why not make it a sequel with girls taught by the originals in ghost busting instead of friggin rebooting it keep the continuation going

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