Classic PC Label Sierra Coming Back From The Dead. Be Afraid.

Classic PC Label Sierra Coming Back From The Dead. Be Afraid.
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Sierra Interactive used to be one of the great developers (and publishers) in the world of PC gaming. They have been dead for a while now, but this teaser website put up by Activision suggests a return (at GamesCom) is imminent.

What kind of return that would be is anyone’s guess. We could get a full-blown revival, with new games in classic franchises, since Activision owns most of Sierra’s old properties.

Or we could get an Atari-like deal, where just the label lives on and we get a bunch of re-releases (not the worst news).

Or… well, you don’t need me to bring up the less desirable possibilities. The ones involving app stores and *shudders*.



  • I would like to see another SWAT game, it would work well on Xbox One with voice control like it had on PC way back.

    • I’d like them to just re-release SWAT4 without SecuRom so I can, well, you know… play it.

      • Well since you legitimately own it, there is always the option of using the amateur malware removal services provided by kind people on the internet free of charge from that bay frequented by buccaneers…

    • A new Quest For Glory would be awesome.

      A whole bunch of new Quest games. I will buy them on the condition that Roberta Williams doesn’t design any of the puzzles.

  • This can only mean one thing; the return of leisure suit larry as an IOS microtransaction based free to play adventure!

    “To access this ladies dorm you need 500 larrycoins”

    “To unlock ths chatup line, you need 1000 larrycoins”

    “To see this cartoon nudity (which you actually won’t but we’ll strongly imply you will to get money out of you because we’re selling to the desperate sad virgin gamer stereotype), you need 5000 larrycoins”

  • Why does anyone think this will work to get people excited, and then why do people go and prove those idiots right? There’s absolutely nothing special about the NAME of a company, only the people in it at a certain point in time. Compare: Blizzard ten years ago, Blizzard now. It’s like the whole Black Isle thing, which had none of the Intellectual Properties or staff that made it popular. “We’re bringing back that thing you like! With nothing about it that you liked!”

    • Kind of like your favourite independent Hamburger place Superburger closing, than years later re-opening and you find they no longer serve the Super Bacon Burger and now only sell Vegetarian soups.

    • Ahh yes many an hour as a youngster for me was spent on the various Kings Quest (1-3), Space Quest (1-3), Police Quest (1-3) and Larry games (1-5). Good times, though frustrating at times. Still, finished them all, and that was way before the days of, so kinda proud of that. Back in those days you just had to exchange tips with mates at school to get past certain blocks.
      Will just have to see what they do with this, could be just bringing it back to trade on the name of the developer, rather than the games that inspired the respect for the Sierra name.

      Actually didn’t Sierra also do the awesome Aces of the Pacific and Aces Over Europe, fantastic WW2 flight sim games? Thinking back actually I think they might have just published those two flight sims, I think the developer was Dynamix

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