Damn You, Counter-Strike Chicken

You gotta love Counter-Strike chickens. Even when they get in the way, the result is hilarity.

…and also tragedy. At least that’s the case Mr.JeanJeans, who gets killed by an enemy player because of a Counter-Strike chicken.

A typical chicken matchmaking [Mr.JeanJeans]


    • Another top-notch in-depth comment that does nothing but bitch and whine. Why do you still come to Kotaku or even better why read articles from people you don’t like if you hate it so much?

      • ummm, pot….kettle….black – isn’t your comment just bitching and whining too?

        my guess would be that, like me, @jackal likes the actual articles that kotaku put up, but not the ‘here’s an gif with 20 words under it’ click-bait etc.

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