Dragon Ball Z Scouter You've Always Wanted Is Now Real

Dragon Ball Z Scouter You've Always Wanted is Now Real

Dragon Ball Z fans are more than familiar with the scouter — the head mounted display that many characters in the series used to measure their opponent's power level. Now, one hero tinkerer has made that prop a reality.

Oh sure, it won't be able to measure your real power level (for the record, it's probably 5). And yes, similar products exist, but Kier Simmon's scouter (made from "an old 80's radio scouter") actually takes the idea to where we've always wanted, giving it a fully functioning display with animations.

Here's Kier working on it. "I had to collect Scouter language graphics, vector them out, make up a few, turn them into a font, create an animation in fireworks, then bang my head against a wall until it works" :

And here is the semi-finished project, in all its glory:

Bulma and the Tuffles would be more than proud. You may now proceed to throw money at your screen until this thing actually exists in mass production.

Kier Simmons via Know Your Meme


    *gets wad of cash at the ready* Let me know when it's time to throw.

    This was my dream for Google Glass

    Ha, scouters. Sensing power levels is where it's at.

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