Evolve Wins Best Game In Show At Gamescom

Evolve is on a roll. After picking up a best of show nod at E3, it's just gone and done the exact same thing at Gamescom this year. If Evolve wasn't on your list of games to get a little bit excited about, now's as good a time as any to, for want of a better term, 'get hype'.

Evolve also took out awards for best console game on Xbox, best online multiplayer game, best game on PC and best action game. That is quite the haul.

The other big winner at Gamescom was Super Smash Bros. which took out the most wanted consumer award and best mobile game award — I'm going to guess that the best mobile game award includes handheld games.

As you might expect, the folks behind Evolve were rather stoked with the award.

"We are blown away by the positive reception for Evolve from both the critics and the consumers here at Gamescom," said Phil Robb, the game's creative director. "Winning the ‘Best of Show’ award at both E3 and Gamescom in the same year is humbling and exhilarating."

Nice statement. He took a second to remind everyone that Evolve also won best of show at E3. Good work Phil.

Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K, also took this chance to totally rub it in.

"It’s encouraging to see the level of excitement for Evolve rise constantly," said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K. "The team at Turtle Rock Studios is creating something very special with this new IP that we believe will deliver one of the most unique and engaging next-gen experiences early next year."

But it is heartening to see a game like Evolve rack up the awards and the attention. I love its unique, asymmetrical high concept. I love the fact that it's a brand new game and not a sequel. All in all, Evolve is a healthy thing: it's a positive indicator that the AAA experience needn't be part of some money spinning annual cycle. I'm hoping we'll see a whole host of new series to get excited about with the coming generation of consoles. Looks like Evolve might actually be one of the first to deliver.

You can find the complete list of winners here.


    It's still not on my must buy list, but I hope it does well. It's nice to see new IP's succeed.

    I prefer natural selection 2's high concept to that of evolve. That poor game, never got the love it deserved.

      Probably because Savage 2 is a joke and anyone that knew the studios name steered very clear of it. In all honesty I don't mind the game and have spent 13 hours on it, but it just doesn't have the staying power it needed to after playing either Savage title.

        What the hell are you talking about?! NS2 has nothing to do with s2games.

    All in all, Evolve is a healthy thing: it’s a positive indicator that the AAA experience needn’t be part of some money spinning annual cycle.>

    Until they announce Evolve 2, coming holiday 2016!

      Coming holiday 2016, first to console, exclusively, on, xbox one!

    Just what exactly is the hype surrounding this game? It lookls like a simple variant of the Left 4 Dead formula. I'm sure there were numerous lesser-known indie games at the show that were more original and engaging than Evolve.

    I for one would like to express my disbelief in there being any more correlation between best of show awards for pre release games vs their final product. Eg some outlets giving praise like 'best licensed game' to Aliens: Colonial Marines.

    I treat best of show awards with no more respect than an arbitrary number assigned to a game review.

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