Four Minutes Of Online Co-Op In BioWare's Newest Game


    Unless there is deep a levelling / customizing system I really don't have much interest.

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      I agree. Big Bioware fan but this looks rather average.

        Edmonton (Mass Effect and Dragon Age series) or Austin (Star Wars: The Old Republic)?
        Kotaku is being very slack in not reporting that this is a new game from Bioware Austin, a re-branded EA studio that has nothing to do with the Bioware that everyone knows and 'loves'.

          oh; so it is austin? makes sense i guess.

          it's a weird case really... i wasn't really impressed either from watching gameplay; but the more i looked into it the better it sounds. I like what they're trying to do with the whole tabletop game and dungeon master experience, and the always ongoing story.

          i think it's a game that might redeem itself when they release more details about the narrative/progression mechanics... or i could be wrong. worth keeping an eye on atleast.

      This game seems like a cross between Dynasty Warriors and the mmo DC Universe.

      From what I have seen, it will need to pack a fair bit of content and gameplay to get me interested.
      A deep Customization/Leveling system would be needed like you said.

      But it looks very generic at the moment. Seen it before, others games have done it before, from what I have just seen.

      But it isnt being made by the Bioware we know for Dragon Age and Mass Effect. Its a new Developer EA set and chucked the Buoware name to it. It is EA remeber

    Hate to say it, but this footage has provided ZERO wow-factor for me....personally.

    Not much enough been revealed. I have no idea what they are doing in this game. It looks like Left 4 Dead but where is the 5th player? Does it work like Dungeons where the overlord just build traps for players to invade?

      It's being reported as a 4v1 a la the Zombie Master mod from HL2; the antagonist player deals with enemy spawns and strategy.

    Just because you slap the name 'Bioware' onto a new studio, it doesn't mean it's going to be make good games.

    Wtf are they even doing with this game? Visually it's confusing and thematically it's a mess?

    Thought 1: For fucks sake IGN, buy a livegamer portable or some other portable capture device and plug it into the HDMI to get a clean picture with usable sound, stop pointing cameras at TV screens!

    Thought 2: Inverted mouse??? HERETIC!!!

    Thought 3: That video showed almost nothing. From what I've gathered the game is coop and there are shadow barriers that seem to lift after killing a certain number of enemies. Perhaps there'd have been more information if I'd been able to hear anything IGN...

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