Good Morning, Here’s A Duke Nukem 3D-Style Shooter

Good Morning, Here’s A Duke Nukem 3D-Style Shooter

The Build engine was famous in the early to mid ’90s for powering a string of iconic shooters, like Duke Nukem 3D, the first Blood, and Shadow Warrior. And available in early access as of this morning is another: Ion Maiden.

Published by 3D Realms and developed by Voidpoint, Ion Maiden is a modern shooter running off the Build engine. The engine has been upgraded a tad, obviously: it’s got a wider colour palette, according to the developers, and now supports morphing levels and larger levels in general.

It’s supposedly the first IP from 3D Realms to use Build since the original Shadow Warrior. You can view the teaser below, as well as around 11 minutes of gameplay with commentary from the developer.

As for the game itself, Ion Maiden stars a bomb disposal expert called Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison. That’s the same character that starred in the Bombshell isometric action game that was released a couple of years ago, for those who remember that.

The full Ion Maiden campaign is due out in the autumn sometime. Between this, AMID EVIL and DUSK, it’s not a bad time to be a fan of retro shooters.


    • This looks much better than the other Bombshell game. It just seemed like someone in marketing said “Ok, we can’t make another Duke game. Reskin it. What if Dukem Nukem, but Girl?” then took a metre long line of cocaine.

  • Rise of the Triad was in the Wolf3D engine. It was at one point going to be Wolfenstein 2.
    Build had the ones you mentioned and also Shadow Warrior and the Redneck Rampage games.

    Sorry for pedantry, but Build engine is a thing I Know Things about.

    • I always get the Doom and Build engine games mixed up myself. Keep thinking Heretic and Hexen were Build for example, when they were Doom.

  • and Rise of the Triad

    Rise of the Triad was powered by a heavily modified Wolfenstein 3D Engine actually 🙂

    I know, it’s hard to believe when you look at it, as it looks more like something like a Doom engine game, or a Build engine game like Duke 3D, but that just shows you how heavily modified the engine actually was.

    RotT was also released about 18 months earlier than Duke Nukem 3D.

    Interestingly, RotT was developed and published by Apogee, who would later go on to rename themselves to 3D Realms with the release of Duke Nukem 3D.

        • Oh that’s right, Monolith changed engines when they got their own tech didn’t they. Because they had their own stuff for Shogo (which wasn’t that long after, from memory).

          • Yeah Shogo was early Lithtech. Then Blood 2 right after.
            Lithtech got multiple facelifts over the years, so it was used for all kinds of great games, like NOLF 1 and 2, Alien Versus Predator 2, and Tron.
            I think the FEAR games and even Shadow of Mordor were technically on the Lithtech engine, but by then it was a completely new engine using the same naming family.

          • Like Gamebryo and Source. Just kept lurching along like a weird zombie from game to game for years.

          • Fear used lithtech Jupiter which as you say really just used the same naming and nothing much else. Though fear used the extended version that had dx9 support.
            Fear 2 also used it as well. The list of games using lithtech is quite diverse.

  • There’s been a few indie games some out that have captured the look of build engine games that I absolutely love. There’s an element of artistic interpretation over realism that can still look believable using the 2.5D sprites that I don’t think polygonal shooters can pull off (the only thing I think comes close would be the art style utilised in Borderlands). Will definitely look in to this at some point.

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