2019 Game Is Out Here Looking Just Like 1996’s Quake

2019 Game Is Out Here Looking Just Like 1996’s Quake

Continuing in the fine recent tradition of games like Dusk and Ion Maiden, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin is an upcoming shooter that is being built using the original Quake engine.

It’s by 3D Realms—who own the name, if not the personnel and legacy of the original Duke Nukem creators—and it looks cool as hell.

It’s currently slated for release in Summer 2019.


  • Wait so is it the OG 3D Realms crew, or is it some new guys? The “if not”threw me.

    Going after the early Quake era of 3D graphics is pretty choice though, Quake has dope aesthetics

    • It’s not the original 3D Realms crew from what I gather, those guys left the company long ago. What they’ve done here is hired a team of veteran Quake modders to create the game. It’s hartd to know what, if any development was done by 3D Realms or whether they are just essentially publishing it.

    • From what it looks like, 3D Realms are just sticking their name on it as a publisher and providing a bit of support – it’s developed by KillPixel games who are I believe a Quake modding team.

      It doesn’t just *look* like a Quake engine game, it literally *is* a Quake engine game.

  • I’m wondering what benefit doing it on the old Quake engine actually has? I’m guessing the engine is free and the low quality models and textures (comparatively speaking) make the development cheaper and easer.

    But there’s a point where you look at a game and compare it another one released around the same time and visually it doesn’t stand up. Makes me think they’re banking on nostalgic buyers.

      • The point I was trying to make was I’d like to know if that’s their main reason – targeting nostalgia. Or whether they had other (potentially valid) reasons. Because it seems like they’re limiting their potential market.

        If the choice of engine also keeps the costs way down, then it’s not a bad idea since the nostalgia sales are probably going to be high enough to cover the cost. If not then it seems self-defeating.

  • Looks more like Chasm than Quake with all the body dismemberment stuff going on. If Chasm had anything going for it, that was it.

  • i personally remember quake not looking that good. but i also didnt have a voodoo so that might explain it haha

  • I get more of a Blood vibe from it.

    Also a 3d Realms game if I recall correctly. …. Just checked, started as a 3d Realms game and was sold off to Monolith who finished it.

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