Here, Meet The Top Guns Of GTA V

Here, Meet the Top Guns of GTA V

"You don't have time to think up there. If you think, you're dead."

The spectacular flying seen in this clip — directed by GTA Wise Guy — is done by GTA Online collective The Originals Crew. As you can probably tell, they're very dedicated to looking awesome way up in the sky. And tricks and stunts aren't all they do either. They cut you down from clouds too.


    Holy crap, I can't fly for more than 30s without hitting something.

      Clearly, you aim well. I just crash in the ground. ;-)

    - Seriously.. mute the sound on this montage and play this in the background instead..

    I know these are all legit but dam, they need to STOP with the skipping/trimming

    i was like, schmeh - then that backwards, j-turn, take off into upside down tunnel fly through - WOW

    mostly though, kinda irritated this wasn't the music....

    Last edited 07/08/14 6:38 pm

      That hair is freaking phenomenal.

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