Kôna Looks Like The Shining Mixed With Dear Esther

I think I can get behind a high concept like that.

This is Kôna. Kôna is a survival game set in Northern Quebec in 1970. That's almost enough to get me interested in a game I know next to nothing about. I just like games brave enough to not be about zombies/nazis/aliens and/or Nazi Zombies from space. I especially like games that decide to be about a certain period in time, in a certain place, that doesn't feel like a video game setting or scenario at all.

In fact, bizarrely, my least favourite part of the Kôna trailer was the moment the protagonist pulled out a gun and fired it. Hopefully shooting in Kôna is more of a selective, sporadic thing and not part of the core gameplay. That's my hope at least.

Kôna is the work of Alexandre Fiset, a former Activision employee who started his own studio a couple of years ago. You can vote for it on Greenlight or support it on Kickstarter here.


    Just watching the guy ride that snowmobile gloveless makes my hands cold...

      Nice catch!

      I'll explain: The game is set in October 1970. At this time of the year, even the north in Quebec is not so cold. Lakes are not frozen and there is no such thing as blizzard. The thing is: In addition to the disappearance of several inhabitants, there is this unusual weather condition that bothers the detective. He was not prepared for this.

    As one of the devs on this game, I can assure you that shooting will not be the main mechanic of this game. In fact, expect your rifle to be one of the multiple tools you will need to complete this game, only to be used in a few key situations.

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      Looks pretty interesting. I always thought that the devs at Beenox had quite a lot of talent, but this talent was constrained by the IPs that they worked for (such as Spiderman).

      Still, I hope there's some web slinging in this game!

    I think it's more of an adventure game than a survival but nevertheless it looks interresting...

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