Kôna Looks Like The Shining Mixed With Dear Esther

I think I can get behind a high concept like that.

This is Kôna. Kôna is a survival game set in Northern Quebec in 1970. That’s almost enough to get me interested in a game I know next to nothing about. I just like games brave enough to not be about zombies/nazis/aliens and/or Nazi Zombies from space. I especially like games that decide to be about a certain period in time, in a certain place, that doesn’t feel like a video game setting or scenario at all.

In fact, bizarrely, my least favourite part of the Kôna trailer was the moment the protagonist pulled out a gun and fired it. Hopefully shooting in Kôna is more of a selective, sporadic thing and not part of the core gameplay. That’s my hope at least.

Kôna is the work of Alexandre Fiset, a former Activision employee who started his own studio a couple of years ago. You can vote for it on Greenlight or support it on Kickstarter here.

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