Peggle 2 No Longer Xbox Exclusive, Coming To PlayStation 4

Peggle 2 No Longer Xbox Exclusive, Coming To PlayStation 4

Peggle 2, PopCap’s previously Microsoft-exclusive black hole time vortex of sheer addiction, is finally coming to PlayStation 4.

PopCap confirmed the news on its Twitter account. The game will be out on October 14th.

The EA published ball-based rainbow explosion classical music wonderment simulator originally launched on Xbox One late last year. It came to Xbox 360 as well, earlier this year. Kind of a curious starting place, given that the original Peggle flourished on everything from PC to smart phones and tablets — but then, that’s console exclusives for you. Bleh.

I’ve reached out to EA and PopCap to see if they plan to bring Peggle 2 to any other platforms soon. Fingers crossed for PC and mobile (and, long shot, Nintendo stuff), but we’ll see.

Update: An EA rep replied to my questions, but not with anything substantial. “We have nothing more to announce outside the PS4 version.”


  • It was never a Microsoft Exclusive and it never pretended to be. They said from the start that it’s a TIMED exclusive along with PVZ: Garden Warfare.

    In fact, why even have Xbox in the title? Why not just “Peggle 2 coming to PlayStation 4” ?

    • Sir, you don’t get how kotaku works. It isnt about reporting news, its about getting more people to click your article.

    • You can’t write “timed exclusive” without the word “exclusive”, so I don’t see the problem here. Until now it was in fact exclusively on the xbox, if only for an indefinite period.

      • Except it was Free on Origin for PC wasn’t it? Or was that just Peggle? I don’t think many shits were given.

  • Assuming that it’s much the same as the first game – which it looks like it is – I can’t fathom why anyone would buy this game in anything but a mobile phone… I love the first game – still play it from time to time – but it’s just a time-waster. It doesn’t need to be on a big screen.

    • Yeah I really don’t see the appeal either, it’s fun, but there are more fun games I’d rather play on a big screen.

    • I prefer it on anything not touch screen, the controls are just way too fiddly on mobile for my liking

    • I bought a one month sub to EA Access for $5 and picked it up. It’s pretty fun. You should do the same, I’d say the one month sub was worth it for Peggle alone, BF4 and Fifa were added bonuses.

    • You are not the Target Audience, I know people who aren’t gamers but can play this for hours.

      • I have been a “gamer” for over 30 years and I can play Peggle anywhere, anytime, on any platform. It’s perfect.

        I find it strange that “gamers” are often defined by what games they are not supposed to play as much as the ones they do.

        • The person I’m talking about doesn’t think of herself as a Gamer, she thinks games aren’t that much fun. Loves Peggle.

          The person I replied to likes the game, he plays it on his Mobile but he will not buy it for his XBox, he is not the Target Audience for the product.

          • This is why I think Peggle is a perfect game. It’s simple enough for anyone and it’s deep enough to be difficult to master. My girl hates games, loves Peggle. I’ve been playing all sorts of what would be considered traditional hardcore gamer games since the beginning of many genres and I effing love me some Peggle.

    • I play Peggle OBSESSIVELY on PC. It’s perfect for the “while doing something else” genre niche. Watching telly, listening to podcasts, etc.
      I’ve sunk some ludicrous amount of hours (days, weeks?) into the game chasing high scores and don’t see myself stopping any time soon.

    • Probably no reason to get either console if you have a good pc and can live without the very few real exclusive games that are actually good.

      Just I have friends who dont want to have a good gaming pc, but are still interested enough to buy a console, so it makes sense to be able to play with them.

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