Pierce Brosnan Kind Of Sucks At Goldeneye

Here's Pierce Brosnan, playing Goldeneye with Jimmy Fallon. Brosnan's not the best at the game, but hey, that's OK. He can say he used to be James Bond.

Brosnan says that prior to this moment, he had only played Goldeneye once before — so you can't really fault him for not being the best at it. And it's not like Fallon is that great at it, either!


    To be fair, if I tried to play it today, I would suck too.

      I agree lol ^

      back when I was a kid, I played goldeneye religiously – strafing and shooting like a pro etc..

      I recently tried to play the other day “HOW ON EARTH DID I PLAY USING THIS THING *n64 controller*

      Tried playing goldeneye and super smash on 64 a month ago. I won't lie, for something that I did like second nature I really struggled this time around.

    Hey, at least he immediately held the controller the right way.

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