Report: The Last Guardian Won't Be At The Tokyo Game Show

Report: The Last Guardian Won't Be at the Tokyo Game Show

Are you surprised? So, the bad news is that The Last Guardian will miss TGS. Again. The good news is that the team is apparently "making great progress".

When Eurogamer asked Sony exec Shuhei Yoshida if The Last Guardian will be at this year's Tokyo Game Show, he replied, "I don't think so. "Sorry."

The Tokyo Game Show gets underway next month in Chiba, Japan.

When pressed as to when the game will be shown, Yoshida replied, "When we are ready. I cannot confirm any timing because we are waiting for it to be in a state where we are happy that this is the game. We have a certain time frame in our mind, and the team is making great progress, but still not to the point that we can say that, here you go."

This is in line with what Sony said in 2013, when it stated it was waiting for "the right time" to show the game.

Yoshida added that the game has been "totally re-engineered." According to him, "They're still working on it. I've been seeing the progress."

The Last Guardian was announced back in 2009, and Kotaku saw the game back in 2011. The game, however, still hasn't seen release, and there were rumours earlier this year that The Last Guardian had been cancelled — rumours Sony denied.

It's time for your latest update on The Last Guardian - again [Eurogamer]


    I care so little for this games existence, or lack thereof.

    To me it seems that japanese game companies are always so closed. They show very little and announce very little. I dont like it.

    All this it is not happening nonsense. It is being remade for PS4 as obvious as daylight. They reported they had heaps of trouble getting it to work as they wanted on PS3 so it being "retooled" screams now for PS4 if anything.

      Yea definitely, although I just wish they would show SOMETHING. TGS seemed like the right time/place, especially now the PS4 is out and starting to get its footing but nope.


      I haven't heard anything about troubles with the PS3, but I definitely agree that TLG will be a PS4 game. "Totally re-engineered" does indicate that they've abandoned the PS3, and decided to rewrite the game engine from scratch specifically for the PS4. I also believe the team has been working on other projects while they get things going. That's always going to mean a long development time.

      Oh well, I've said it before, I'm willing to wait, as long as the job is done properly.

    A lot of people don't know this, but it's actually incredibly difficult to show off a game that doesn't exist :P

      Really? They managed it with Aliens: Colonial Marines. ;)

    7 years now people. It's vaporware, nothing more.

    lump this in with Half Life 3 in the never-gonna-happen-and-I-don't-care-coz-its-taken-too-long-and-the-hype-train-ran-outta-steam pile.

    it's a very specific pile.

    They should just show a logo and "2016", at least they can stop frustrated people asking questions then.

    After 7 years of waiting I'm all out of tears. :(

    Even if they themselves don't know when it was going to be ready they should have even just released another teaser at E3 that showed 1 minute of anything, show the title and say when it's ready as the release date.

    This would of put most of these rumors to rest. Talk from someone even as respected as Shu will not stop comments such as "It is not happening". People need to SEE it.

    Sony's lack of being anything close to transparent about this development has made too many people either lose faith or give up entirely on it, and I for one am in the latter camp for sure.

    The big issue for me is not that it's been delayed or whatever it's more about the original vision being compromised god knows how many times over the last 7 years and whether it as a game is even relevant anymore.

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