Sony Is ‘Working Diligently’ On The Last Guardian

Sony Is ‘Working Diligently’ On The Last Guardian

Sony bossman Shuhei Yoshida sounds enthusiastic and confident on the future of Sony’s flagship game console, and then tiptoes around an obvious question.

Last month’s Tokyo Game Show was an upbeat affair for Sony — what with this being the first TGS after the Japanese release of the PlayStation 4 — and Pres Yoshida was looking to the future of the angular black monolith.

In an interview with Weekly Famitsu, the fact that many of the upcoming games for the PS4 were multi-platform releases was brought up. “I think it’s fine to start from there.” Yoshida said. “If the number of PS4 users increases from there and they tell their friends, ‘the games look prettier on the PS4,’ or ‘the loading time’s faster,’ or ‘using the SHARE function is fun’ then the sales for PS4 versions of games will increase and game creators may think ‘let’s focus on developing for the PS4 from here.'”

The interviewer noted that if for the time being, third party developers were making multi-platform games, then the role of first party games would be extremely important. Yoshida agreed. “Yes. We need to show why buying a PS4 is a good idea through our games.”

Of course, on the topic of first party games, the obvious elephant in the room could not be avoided. The interview was concluded with the final question: “What can you tell us about The Last Guardian?”

Yoshida’s response: “Development couldn’t be better.”

A quote he quickly followed with, “… That might be a bit of an exaggeration (laugh). We continue to work diligently on the game, so please look forward to it.”

*sigh* We’ve been looking forward to it for 5 years now.

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  • I can stand to wait a little longer to have my heart broken. You know that big beautiful beastie is going to die in the game and then you have to sit real quietly on the sofa for awhile and not talk to anyone and then go outside and hug your dog for an hour.

    • …or your character has to die so the creature can be free. Or something else equally heart-wrenching. Like you have to choose… Oh god.

  • Now that’s a game that would get be buying a PS4 – since MGSV is coming to PC now.

    Well, I guess I’ll be skipping this console generation then.

  • I’d rather it take them as long as they can as long as it tops Shadow of the Colossus. All that time will be worth it.

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