The Old Iron King Is Ready To Unleash His Flame Breath Attack

Dayshot: The Old Iron King from Dark Souls II is ready to unleash his flame breath attack in Ztagger's de-make art. It looks like a boss fight on the SNES or on the Game Boy Advance, so that flame breath wouldn't be larger than a few pixels.

Dark Souls 2 mockup by Ztagger [Tumblr]

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    I was disappointed with that monsters design. After many dudes in armour boss fights (to its credit, they're not badly designed) I was hoping to finally get some unique enemy designs to make it memorable. Instead, it's just a generic red devil.

    Also there's a gap to the right I always hid behind with a Flame Warmth spell going at all times.

      I was just disappointed that for such an epic sized boss he was one of the easiest bosses to kill. When I encountered him the first time I thought I'd be struggling for hours :

        I killed him on my first try, without any summons, really disappointing! (Same with a few other bosses actually - Lost sinner comes to mind, The big fat guy in Black Gultch, oh and the last boss of the game! - really had trouble with the giant spider and Executioners Chariot though)

        He just needed to make a slight wave of lava roll over that area and it's all over, but nope, just the same simple attack patterns. Wish he'd at least summon some smaller minions, or perhaps the ground should have slowly drifted apart so you have to jump between lava islands :P ANYTHING!

          Instead you're thinking, "I rode UP from a poison windmill and ended up in a large lava lake."

            Yeah that was the moment I thought "this is just a series of completely separate levels, disconnected levels - I was in poison world, now I'm in lava world", and some of the magic was gone.

          Yeah! It was the same with the Dragon God in Demon's Souls.. a ridiculously HUGE and gnarly looking boss that I was really keen to be fighting but it was so simple :(

            Yeah, when he comes striding up out of the lava it's a perfect Oh Shit moment, and then he immediately settles in to a really predictable "please kill me" pattern. I mean, even boss has a pattern, but usually the first time you fight one you're just desperately trying to survive until you can figure out what that is.

      Yeah, sad but true. Especially because of the early game bosses, he drops the most souls. I suspect he might be in there purely for farming purposes. I know I maxed out the ascetics there (got up to OHKO pretty quickly)!

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