A Good Way To Show How Big The New iPhones Are

A Good Way To Show How Big The New iPhones Are

You play video games, right? Then, perhaps, you’ve come across a Nintendo 3DS or a Nintendo 3DS XL. If so, you’ll know vaguely how big Apple’s new smartphones are.

Twitter user HaltroN1 created this image, which looks to be a fairly accurate comparison between the new iPhones and the gaming handhelds.

I realise that there are other smartphones that are way bigger than the iPhone 6 Plus. It’s just charming that this Twitter user thought the best way to express their size was through Nintendo portables.

So far, this image has been retweeted over five thousand times after being uploaded earlier today in Japan.

Update: Japanese Twitter user Kazuharukina made this handy PS Vita comparison.

A Good Way To Show How Big The New iPhones Are

iPhone6の大きさわかりにくいから個人的にわかりやすいのと並べたけど [HaltroN1]


  • Holy moly. I don’t think I like the size of the six plus at all! I like my privacy when I’m on my phone in public. I sat behind a guy on the train last week with some giant Samsung and I could read his Harry Potter fanfic over his shoulder without even trying!

  • I think the 4.7″ is just right. The i6 plus is just too big. I downloaded those templates from Ars this morning to try and i’ve got big hands and even still the 5.5″ is a stretch, even trying to reach the left side of the lower part of the screen like the ‘one hand’ mode they demoed. Really needs a stylus at least.

  • Although apple still sells the 5s, I hope they actually upgrade it next year to keep it going, like sticking an NFC in that thing, extending battery life and including the latest processor, round edges. For small people, like my wife, even the 4.7″ is a stretch. I wouldn’t be surprised if with the price drop, a lot of people still continue to buy the 5s in abundance.

  • Wow… all my apple friends have been saying my samsung note 3 is ridiculous and way oversized. Seems like they have missed the boat, big screens are obviously where it’s at now! Haha stupid apple fanboys, fighting just for the sake of defending a company they love, even if they are stupid. Think for yourselves people!

  • Thanks for the context, looks like the 6 Plus will fit perfectly in my giant bear-paws, and also in the spacious pockets of my enormous man-pants.

    • I’m using a 5.5 phone (OnePlu One), with a normal hand. Don’t be silly and try it. It isn’t hard, but for example webbrowing is really great.

  • Rulers are difficult for the average person. If only they taught us how to use them in primary school… oh wait.

  • Wow, that’s actually a great way to show the size difference.
    I’m not planning on upgrading from my iPhone 5 anytime soon. I may have big hands, but I’ve tried holding larger phones before and still prefer the iPhone 5’s 4.7″. Here’s hoping they’ll release a version that retains the previous size at some point, otherwise I don’t see the point.

    • The 5 has only 4″. I’m using a big phone (5.5″) all day and there are no problems and the comfort is excellent.

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