Behold, Final Fantasy XV’s First Live Gameplay Footage

Behold, Final Fantasy XV’s First Live Gameplay Footage

Today, Square Enix showed off the first live gameplay footage of the eagerly awaited Final Fantasy XV. There’s also a look at the fancy tech that powers the game and a cute frog in the rain.

FFXV director Hajime Tabata said he wanted to show off live gameplay, because some people online seemed to think that the recently released Final Fantasy XV trailer was all pre-rendered. As you can see in this NicoNico stream, it wasn’t.

During the stage presentation, Tabata said that next year’s demo will look even better than the footage shown today. In the video below from the NicoNico stream, be sure to click on “HD” to watch the clip in, well, HD.

Do note that while this is a 720p capture of a stream at sixty frames per second (the settings it was broadcasted at), there is some loss in image quality. This certainly does not look as good as the footage would currently look on a PS4 or Xbox One.

Final Fantasy XV is currently slated for the PS4 and the Xbox One. You can watch more clips on NicoNico below.

NicoNico [Official Site]

【TGS2014】スクウェア・エニックス ステージライブ(9/20) [ニコニコ]


  • While we wait, I’ll play through FXIII again as it’s magically appeared on Steam for $15! Two weeks until it unlocks.

    Quite surprised it was so cheap, it’s not like Squeenix to miss a chance to gouge fans.

  • So my hopes for a return to a truly turn-based Final Fantasy game, are just a day-dream from a bygone are.

    As an action game, this looks pretty mediocre…

    • I think they’ve already said they intend to go back to turn-based gameplay, that this was just an experiment (I don’t know where I saw it, it was a while ago).

      As long as they don’t go God of War, button-mashing type of action and there’s still strategy and RPG elements involved, this could be fun.

      • So hang on… Is this not turn based??? (ie the sole thing that puts me off the FF games) that’s a bold departure if that’s the case

        • Yeah, because it wasn’t originally supposed to be one of the main games but a spin-off (FF Versus XIII) they wanted to try something new.

        • Looks to me kinda like they are moving more into the Star Ocean / Tales Of type RPG, you know, which is fine, those games are all fun, sometimes I just prefer taking my time in the combats but, and not playing the equivalent of a fighting game every battle.

    • BUT didn’t you see all that angsty emo styling!

      Yeah they lost the plot after IX. Final Fantasy doesn’t need more emo angsty protagonists…

      • While I agree for the most part (IX is my fave too) I must admit that one fantastic thing from X was the ability to swap in and out characters during combat so everyone could get exp/skill points in every battle rather than having to set up sort of your A team and your B team and switch between them to keep everyone about the same level. Also Blitzball <3

    • turn based gaming on the console is dead. At least for big budget games. There simply is not a large enough market for it in the west. Get a hand held. Plenty there.

      • yeah i’m still cut that they only released Valkyria Chronicles sequels on.. psp was it? 🙁
        it was great on ps3 (except that damn mission trying to take down Prince Bad Guy in his supertank outside the ruins!)

  • We know they can make gorgeous games, I’m all in it for the gameplay and story! But hey, I’m easy to please, I loved 13

  • This game isn’t turn-based – it’s more like the gameplay that Kingdom Hearts has, atleast that’s what I can tell it looks like. I’m welcoming this with open arms – it’s a nice change to the Final Fantasy series and could inspire great spinoffs with this system.

    Would have loved 10 with this combat system.

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